Sade - Soldier Of Love (aka 'I average 2 songs every year')


They say absence makes the heart grow fonder...unless your Marilyn Manson and then it's the 'Absinthe' that makes the heart grow darker. Hardy har har. Anywayz... it's like a good friend coming back after being away...way too long. Or more than a friend. Great songs are just like vessels for emotion and I think Sade has delivered again (but wait I'm not finished with this review!...). I mean probably 'By Your Side' from the last album means something to everyone or a pure 'moment' that connects emotionally or the song instantly make you think of someone so close...either now in your life or once before.

But...I'm not sure on this album if there is 'that' type of song on this album but it's still a welcome 'real' album (almost) you can put on and have a glass of wine with. On a totally other topic Arte Lange swears that Sade is the 'heroin addicts choice of music. ' I have no idea but it could start off an interesting discussion here...feel free to comment. And Damn...doesn't Sade still look super fine after being a way for 5 years. I think on this album if she hasn't already...Sade is elevated to 'career artist' status (I mean who else these can sell 500,000 albums in the U.S. 1st week).

I will say that I think about it...hold on a second...I just realized...Sade has been gone for 5 that averages 1 song every 6 months. Hmm...Wait a darn minute, Sade...I do think that we could have much much better songs on here and no excuses for some fluff after 5 years?! Come to think of it...what the hell have you been doing??! I'd like to know what else Sade has been doing with her trading, pilates trainer, ice road trucker...who knows but that's a long time to be away to not deliver every song a home run...but I still like her : )

But I can't say this album is must have because there are only 2 good songs here 'Soldier Of Love' and 'The Moon In The Sky.' Maybe if Sade takes 20 years off we will have a Home Run Album!! Oh p.s....Lady could take a note here from Sade...Less CAN BE more!!