Santigold or Santicopper?


Santigold’s new 2012 album, Master of My Make Believe, is a logical next step after her self-titled 2008 debut. Her debut is one of my favorite albums of the last four years, and one of the only things released in '08 that I still jam to on the regular. The grimy beats on that album pre-dated the dubstep explosion of the last couple years. If she had released it today, bassheads would have gone mental.

But, she released Master of My Make Believe this week. She has calmed down a bit on this effort, lost a lot of the grime (unfortunately), added some more recognizable instrumentation, and her lyrics reflect where’s she’s at these days as well. Her eponymous debut was way ahead of its time musically, but I’m not sure if this one is. Can't win ‘em all.

MoMMb is less party, more aggressive, but still unapologetically Santigold. Her self-titled was about wanting fame and messing around in Brooklyn. The first track off MoMMB, “GO!” begins with the line, “People want my power, and they want my station.” Chick has come a long way from her fame-demanding first single, “Creator.”


The stand out track for me is the perfectly titled first single “Disparate Youth,” an inspirational nod to the difficulty of being young in the midst of this wonderful recession. Anyone who has been hustling, just out here tryna function, will appreciate the sentiment on this one.


All of MoMMB, compared with Santigold’s first album, mirrors the difference in the pre-recession party times of 2008, to the more somber feel of 2012. Isn’t America fun these days? I wish I had a pure party song to end this review on a high note with, but Santi says that’s not in the cards anymore. So here’s the reggae-flavored “Pirate in the Water” instead.


I don’t love Santigold’s new 2012 album, Master of My Make Believe, as much as her debut yet. But I’m gonna give it some time, and I’m pretty sure she can change my mind. 

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