SBTRKT 7 Mediocre Songs from 11 = 3 Tracks Worth Your While


Subtraction Lesson of the Day!  Here we go!  Take 11 songs on a new album release.  Now!  Subtract (or in this case SBTRKT) 7 (seven) mediocre bland songs.  And that equals 3.  Yes 3 songs worth your .99 download (or blog rip).  Damn.  3.  And these 3 aren't even in 3D! What?  (Yeah I've caught a mental thing where everything with '3' I expect to be '3D') Oh well. 

So yeah, back to math class.  There are really 3 great songs of brilliance here.  The rest are average UK dubby soul tracks that mmm...I guess sound nice to be in the background if your in detention learning your multiplication tables (hint: that's not a compliment, cuz there's much better music to set the stage for loungy trippy 3 a.m. mornings....yes, I admit, this album sounds best between hours of 12am and 4am). 

But you can check it out for yourself compliments of this full album streamer.  Favorite picks are "Heatwave," "Hold On" & Wildfire.  And oh yeah.  "Wildfire" is a free download at there's one less virus embedded in an Mp3 that you can catch from your computer via janky P2P sites.  Here's the full album.  

But enough about SBTRKT.  Let's talk about ME!   I'm starting a new project (with my Jr. High math teacher. Mr. Firestone...that's his real name).  I'll let you know when our jams are ready.  It's going to be called ADDTN.  That's short for 'addition.'   The idea is going to be to have so much more ADDTN-ally  amazing music than anyone else that it will blow your mind.  

Far from SBTRKT where the idea from the very genesis of the artist name is simply to give you less.

I'm sure Pitchfork will disagree.  WHTVR.