School of Seven Bells Put Your Sad Down


I stared blankly at my computer screen for close to an hour trying to come up with a clever headline for this review, but in the end I decided Put Your Sad Down was such a tremendous name for an EP that I shouldn't sully with my own (likely unfunny) words.

I would argue that the title alone puts this latest effort from School of Seven Bells in the running for Best Music 2012. Thankfully, the music also puts this EP in contention for that entirely hypothetical honor.

When Ben Curtis left Secret Machines in 2007 to focus on the more electronica-centric School of Seven Bells, everyone assumed it was because he wanted to make less traditional rock music. Which makes sense if you listened to Secret Machines, since he had perfected the whole pop/rock thing with them and likely needed a new challenge.

And while he's certainly expanded his soundscape with his previous work with SoSV, Put Your Sad Down is the group's most expansive and daring work yet.

Luckily for all of us, School of Seven Bells and the good folks over at Vagrant Records decided to stream the EP before its official release. Check out it in its entirety below:

The sprawling opener, which incidentally is the title-track, lets the listener know exactly what they're in for: a showcasing of the harder beat driven side of this project.

Essentially, as alluded to above, this is the School of Seven Bells music we all were expecting/waiting for since Ben Curtis made it his primary focus.

Put Your Sad Down is out November 13th via, you guessed it, Vagrant Records. If you require any more info on this release, go here.

You can download "Secret Days," FOR FREE, on Vagrant's souncloud page.


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