Shakira - She Wolf


Really?! The rave reviews keep coming in?! Rrr-Really?? Wow, some publicist you got there. Don't get me wrong this is a fair album and Shakira did rhyme 'lycanthropy' in 'She Wolf' so she deserves a little credit for that alone right? Key songs of course 'She Wolf' (um the video is astonishingly so good and bad at the same time?! My favorite part is when she puts her fingers in her throat .. sooo cool!!), 'Gypsy,' 'Did It Again (Feat. Kid Cudi).' But the best part of this album is the comedy piece 'She Wolf (Live).' We just reviewed the Live Nirvana and Pendulum records...guess what...they are DEFINITELY, how do i know...because maybe you can hear um, the AUDIENCE...for STARTERS! There's 2 bonus live songs here...we don't know what 'Live' means to Shakira. Live in the studio with no Pro Tools? Maybe. The 1st 20 seconds of 'She Wolf (Live)' I've GOT to say are so hilarious! This is DEFINITELY L-I-V-E *meaning with no pro tools and the most, the best, the most hilarious out of tune....she wolf HOWL....ahhhwwwooooooooooohhhhh!!!!! Benicio Del Toro (Wolfman 2010), Eat Your Heart Out.