Review: Simian Mobile Disco - Unpatterns


Simian Mobile Disco is always a name I’m psyched to see on a festy lineup, and their Album 2012, Unpatterns, does not disappoint.

They are a couple of British producers who do all their recording work in analog, and their audiophile nerd-status is obvious on Unpatterns, just like in their earlier stuff. It is well-crafted, danceable -- but not overwhelming, and most importantly, the production and sound quality is top-notch.

They might not have random chicks singing cheesy hooks on every song, but I’m more than ok with that. It’s nothing like the cheesy house music that the bro’s go wild for these days. (Swedish House Mafia, I’m looking at you.) The whole album has a darker undertone to it.

This Simian Mobile Disco album might be electro, but it’s not for hardcore partying. It’s more like an album you can put on when you want to zone out and get some shit done. Unpatterns is one of those listens that lets your mind wander in and out of the grooves with ease, and then you’ll come to when it ends, dazed and wondering what happened to the last 51 minutes of your life, but being oddly ok with not knowing.

And if you’re looking for a single like their 2007 hit, “It’s The Beat,” you came to the wrong place. The closest thing here is “Put Your Hands Together.” Like the rest of the album, they forgot about throwing cheesy, crowd-pleasing hooks on every song, and focused on making something that actually sounds good and won’t be forgotten about in a year.


And here’s the OCD video for the first single, “Seraphim.” According to SMD, Unpatterns was inspired by beats looping and decaying over time. This video is an awesome interpretation of that!


Now if only I could get tickets to Simian Mobile Disco’s Avalon show next month to see them perform their new Album 2012, Unpatterns, live and in the flesh! Who needs huge bass drops, when you have production and talent like this?

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