Surfer Blood - Astro Coast ('Yur Gonna Need a Bigger Boat!' - Quint)


It's amazing how indie cool artist come off (OK, not necessarily Surfer Blood) as 'Holier than Thou' but then on their albums only give us 2 good songs!?! Sound Familiar? Sure, it sounds like Backstreet Boys or Rihanna or a Madonna type of thing. Yeah...2 good songs on the album and the rest guessed...crap. Same thing here folks with Surfer Blood, I'm afraid to say. That's why we need a filter ( BitCAndy?! Sure!) There's only 2 good songs here worth talking about on 'Astro Coast' which are 'Swim' (which is awesome) and 'Surfer Blood.' Roy Scheider and Peter Benchley is having a laugh somewhere. (Asif, your band has to do better!)