Tegan & Sara Robbed Me In the Alley


Tegan & Sara are out to rob you with the Worst CD...they just jacked me (which normally wouldn't be such a bad thing) but in this case...you gotta be careful when you walk down the alley these days (especially in Vancouver, Canada).  You might just have 2 cutie pie Canadians approach you...they look well intentioned, have nice guitars, sweetest indie folk voices..but then they pull their twin switchblades and suck out 45 minutes of your time into their "new" album which is just a "hardly live" album with $100 of production costs.

Really...girls, how much less effort...could you have put into this album?  Ahhh I got it.  Include 1 LESS song!  Mission accomplished.

Tegan and Sara Wanted for Fake Live Album Release

This is without a doubt the worst example of a live album I think I've ever heard.  There's nothing special, no audience energy even from this intimate setting.  You can hear the audience just mildly clapping like..."We did pay $ X amount to sit here and watch this? Well, shit."  Stripped down acoustic performances can work but in this case it feels like they are at your local mall playing in the courtyard for change.  Was excited for more than this because *disclaimor* I am a big Tegan & Sara fan.  

Incredibly boring DVD Trailer for new album "Get Along" (***must see!***) p.s comments on YouTube disabled.

Less Boring Trailer for new Live album

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