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Music Review: The Birthday Massacre - Violet (2004)

This is my favorite album from 2004 that I guarantee you haven't heard.  But fair warning, it's not for everyone.  That being said...if you could potentially be a fan of something that sounds like N.I.N. vs Nena ('99 Luft Ballons') vs The Knife...The Birthday Massacre is going to be your new fascination.


First of all...there's a whole Beautrix Potter / Watership Down visual and conceptual theme going on here that's mystical, magical and dark...which I love...yes, please do bring on the concept album.


So who are The Birthday Massacre?  Hailing from Toronto, Canada...the 5 member band's core are Chibi on vocals (Chibi, a gothic princess, yes wedding proposal is still in your Twitter DM), Rainbow and Michael Falcor, who are the masterminds behind the songwriting and production).


This album leads you on a journey of intensity laced with epic pop infused songwriting.  And pop is not a bad word here...these are anthems and songs you can actually sing.  (A concept that 98% of the uber cool bands seem to miss out on).


And performing live?  Forget about it.  The Birthday Massacre is one of the best live bands I've ever seen.  The energy is on a 10 and the demure yet demonic school girl Chibi stirs up appropriate levels of danger with her Massacre's simple one of my favorite aural and visual spectacles.


The band still has yet to break out and deliver another signature album...but I'm waiting.  It's rare that I can say this ever but I'M A FAN!  


I hope I can make you one too. 


Here's their signature Song 'Video Kid'


And a snippet from a live show when the album came out ... the evil side of The Birthday Massacre with a saccharin sweet pop chorus. 


The Birthday Massacre 'Lovers End'