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At the risk of sounding like a multitude of other Blogs On Music... I have to say, the new The Black Keys (notice you gotta keep the "The" in the name)... is for lack of a better 2012 word... awesome.

Though on first listen, I felt like it had the potential makings of a musical equivalent of Green Lantern.  In other words... lots of Hype, multiple releases of "the best" songs before the release (some tracks felt like leaks... planned or unplanned)... all to the wonder of ... hmm did we get hyped with all the juice out of this album even before it comes out... or is there something substantial and awesome here.

We get the second.  Yay.

That being said, not every track here is a The Black Keys type banger. There are some snoozers like "Mind Eraser," "Money Maker," and "Little Black Submarine."  But beyond that we get some amazing songs, with no doubt the one and only Danger Mouse at the production helm again.  Damn this guy make Producer of the year again for 2012.  We'll see what he does with U2 and Norah Jones (that's the rumor). 

One other random musing... Could The Black Keys be the male "Adele" equivalent for 2012?   Oh no, I'm not inferring that Dan Auerbach or Patrick Carney should start eating muffin tops and gain a lot of weight and start chain smoking... but the fact that we have what seems like an emerging trend emerging of "real music" that also sells... well this is fascinating.  Real music that sells records.  Really?  On that note, golden muffin top voice Adele is moving 1 Million albums a month worldwide (this is fact).

Let's hope that The Black Keys has some type of similar mega success with this album so more retarded A&R people can ponder the obvious..."Hmmm....I got it!  We need to sign a band like The Black Keys." 

We can only pray.   Maybe one of our Curators will find it first though.  Um, by the way, Yes, you can get credit for your music discovery... if we don't know about your favorite unknown artist... and can't live without it... and end up signing it... you get 20% of whatever we make for that signing.

Anyway... back to the best Black Keys songs.  Just get this album.  Oh and you'll have to buy it since The Black Keys told Spotify and Rhapsody to go take a wank... so no streaming for me or you.  But that's another story.  

The Black Keys "Lonely Boy" (damn what a low budget but high awesome video)


The Black Keys "Run Right Back"


The Black Keys "Gold On The Ceiling" Live On Letterman
(next single...heard it involves a lot of muscle men from Gold's Gym Venice, CA...at least that's what the fliers said...they were looking for meathead extras for this video).


The Black Keys "Hell Of A Season"


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