Review: Cribs / In the Belly of the Brazen Bull


Is it a requirement for indie bands to generally not be able to write more than 1-2 memorable song per album? Oh wait... I thought that was the m.o. more of boy bands like Backstreet Boys to One Direction. Yes, though The Cribs make you want to feel cooler than cool listening to them, it seems that coolness doesn't always breed hotness on the song side. 

And that's why this record is mostly a big snooze. I mean, they had 14 songs on this album. Fourteen chances to do something awesome. And they walk up to the FAIL window 11 times. ("Fail Window" i just made up... do you like it?)

The only three redeeming songs, which are quite good are:

"Come On, Be A No-One"

Hmm... great title. "Come On, Be A No-One." It's something The Cribs are getting closer to album after album?



"I Should Have Helped"


"Arena Rock Anthem with Full Cast"

it's the biggest and dumbest song on The Cribs and I dig it!


Wanna dispute me, baby?  Make a comment below and let's get into it. 

Is there a song I missed that is MIND BLOWING on this album?

Is indie music even about mind blowing songs and more about vibe?

Did the Cribs mostly suck it on this album?

Or am I totally on point? 


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