Review: Darkness - Hot Cakes


The Darkness is back with a fresh dose of hair metal themed ear candy for your listening enjoyment. It’s been a little while since their last release but for those of us who grew up on their blistering guitar solos and high range vocals, there will always be a special place in our hearts for their metal throwback antics. This album does include a special nugget of controversy that seems to divide music geeks into one of two strong opinions.


Every Inch of You


This track is a great example of The Darkness’ fun, glam rock sound. The 70s-80s rock style is kind of silly but the musicianship is excellent. What makes The Darkness able to survive in this generation is their ability to turn out the fast paced guitar and over the top vocals without taking themselves too seriously. They don’t bring in anything new...especially not a new classic like "A Thing Called Love."  But oh well...


Everybody Have A Good Time


More of the same. Just fun, upbeat glam rock minus a standout rock classic.  And that's where the album misses.  Bonus points though for this video ending in a gunfight where the band tries to rescue a bear stripper from a CEO and Justin Hawkins (lead singer) fathers a bear child with the now shape-shifting-stripper-as-the-other-band-members-look-on-from-the-great-beyond. Like I said, it’s just fun.  But not great overall as an album. 


Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us


Glam rock goodness. Heavy on the falsetto, heavy on the guitar solo.


Street Spirit (Fade Out)


Prepare for fanboy rage out. Here is where things may get interesting for some of you. You may recognize the Radiohead song title and you may ask yourself if you ever imagined this song played with metal guitar and super high, glammed out vocals. People seem split based on how close they are to the original Radiohead version; the more in love with the original they are, the more offended they are to hear it Darknessed out.

Personally, I dig it, and the fact that they have played this "Street Spirit" at their live shows for years seems to lend a feeling of authenticity. Maybe The Darkness don’t like my covers of their songs I perform in the shower.  Different strokes for different folks, I guess.


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