Thee Oh Sees & Jacuzzi Boys: Double Album Review


Thee Oh Sees & Jacuzzi Boys: Double Album Review for Double Bland Music.

I decided after listening to both Thee Oh Sees and Jacuzzi Boys new albums know what...1 review fits all.  So thus, this is the same review for both Thee Oh Sees as well as the Jacuzzi Boys.  And they both are going in our Poser section aka "the most hyped fails."

Lets face it.  The truth is this...there are some indie bands you can practically interchange with each other and not even know the difference.  Remember Backstreet Boys and N*Sync?  Kinda like that.  

So this week, Thee Oh Sees and Jacuzzi Boys are indeed and in fact the Backstreet and N*Sync boy bands of indie music.  (except N*Sync had better songs).  So here's my review that is universally interchangeable for each artist (yes, i know Thee Oh Sees are way more lo fi than Jacuzzi Boys...who are way more clean) and yeah, I know Thee Oh Sees use harmonicas, but named your band "Jacuzzi Boys."  That in itself is punishable.  I mean, Thee Oh Sees album could have been the "early demo tapes" to Jacuzzi Boys expensive studio recordings.  So while they are somewhat sonically different...the end result is totally bland indistinguishable tasteless songs.

So what review style should we use hmm, let's pick Rolling Stones...yes ala Rolling Stones boring 100 word interchangeable review.  Here goes:

(Insert Artist Name Here) launch their anticipated, lo fi guitar laced indie album.  Driven by the leaked track "(Insert Song Title Here)," the band explores 60s garage meets modern sounds.  However, besides the key track "(Insert Song Title Here)," unfortunately (Insert Artist Name Here) deliver an overall lackluster sonic album.  Key tracks: yada yada  yada yada.  

p.s. If you think this is a dig on Rolling Stone...yup.  Take a scissors and cut up all their album reviews and criss-cross them up with different albums.  It's a fun little game.  We're not saying BitCandy is a snooty "we are the best" type blog...but shit, at the very least, we're entertaining.   

The fact is that for both of these bands, there are only one or two "really good" songs...either from Thee Oh Sees or from Jacuzzi Boys...and then the rest is kinda bantha fodder (just like those late 90s boy bands giving you 2 hits on the album and the rest is just filler).  C'mon many of you are still listening to Tapes N Tapes, or the that big SXSW or CMJ buzz band from 2008.  

The fact is this...very few people can write exceptionally good songs...consistently.  Hell, even to cite another 60s throwback indie band, Best Coast, Bethany can only crank out 2 "really" memorable songs.  

But what do you think...comment below (I dare you).  Tell me I'm an idiot or on the other hand if I'm preaching the unpreached gospel.  But in my opinion...both of these albums contain bland indie music that will shortly be erased from my hard drive to make room simply for better disc optimization.

2 Key Songs...You can decide which songs goes to which band: