Hunger Games Soundtrack Review: No Satiety


It's a post apocalyptic future where kids battle it out for life and death survival... OK, so, what type of music should we use?  Oh of course: indie folk!  That's perfect.  Now we also need to make sure the songs are the MOST boring of the indie folk variety.  Maybe perhaps even ask for songs that were "B" sides and cutting room floor leftovers.  Check.  And we have to make sure we disappoint all of those fans of those indie artists. Mission accomplished.

That mission was accomplished by the A&R for the album, a man named Tom McKay at Universal Records who also brought you the 30,000 album selling Javier (winner of The Voice... anyone... anyone... Bueller... Bueller)?

Look...There's not one spectacular song on this soundtrack I want to go back to rejoice in.  Even Arcade Fire is a let down.  Taylor Swift has the only "good song," and the fact that it's actually "good" against the other "background" type songs from Civil Wars, Arcade Fire, Miranda Lambert, The Decemberists, ________ (insert high profile indie folk band here) makes it feel like it doesn't even belong on this soundtrack.

"Hunger Games" is right... definitely no satiety here.

Hear an average Arcade Fire song, "Abraham's Daughter."

Taylor Swift provides 1 morsel called "Eyes Open" for "The Hunger Games" soundtrack.  Nice use of metaphors, T.S... did you get the lyrics from the "Hunger Games" wikipedia plot summary?

Have to give this one bottom feeder score just because of the huge opportunity missed with the level of talent involved.  

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