The Knife - Shaking the Habitual


Shaking the habitual or habitually shaking? I think that the concept was misunderstood here. The Knife’s newest release, Shaking the Habitual, aims to do just that, and even top their previous album, Silent Shout...but ahh nice try there buddy.  Not so fast.  Let's examine in todays indie music review

The first track off The Knife’s latest release is quite up to par. "A Tooth for an Eye" has an airy even Bjork meets TuneYards type feel. It’s captivating and intriguing. But do not be misled. The Knife is known to be "Full of Fire."

Damn, full force driving beat right there. Sophisticated, frenzied, off-kilter, it sounds like a nine minute time travel experience, through Trent Reznor’s head via his wife, through the eyes of a fucked up Aphex Twin. Got it? Good. So we’re down 2 songs and 15 minutes have gone by. It seems many of the tracks here could be at least halved in length and achieve the exact same effect. Unfortunately, that may be the major downfall of this album here, and maybe there is no cherry on top.

There is one thought I have on this release and it can be perfectly depicted by the 19 minute long "Old Dreams Waiting to be Realized": Too much space.

I don’t know what to make of this album. It just seems to out of place and distracted to push this above its predecessor and CLASSIC, Silent Shout. Noise art is indeed a form / type / presentation of music, but it does not make it good music.  This album is 80 minutes too long. It clocks in at a shade over an hour and a half long, which is just about as long it takes for me to nap, which is exactly what I should have done instead of listen to this noise again. If you don’t feel like joining me, you can hear the whole damn thing now!