The Lumineers Illuminate on New Album


What Is The Best Music?  Imma gonna tell you.  I'm writing this review actually in between live songs at The Lumineers gig at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on January 6th.  Yeah, I figured I would get going on this article as one knockout song after another was coming off the stage from this band who is our pick to break big in 2012.   

We did a story on them about 2 months ago (click here to spot it) ...but now we're providing a sneak review of the new album (due late March, or later if a major label steps up ... c'mon label don't "get" this as a no brainer top priority signing to take off the, like right now!) i was saying..with an advance of the album and this fantastic show...hearing this music was more eventful that anything in the last few months ... including the announcement that Beyonce had her fake pregnancy over the weekend.  (Right, like we all believe that this one wasn't least that's the rumor). 


For fans of Mumford & Sons, Givers or high quality indie meets pop folk...The Lumineers is your new best friend.  First, let's start with the best track on the album, "Ho Hey" and for which a video was just shot over last weekend in Los Angeles.  There are several great vids of this on YouTube but I'll start with this one that was casually shot in an apartment bar.  


The Lumineers - "Ho Hey" 

There's a classic element to all The Lumineers songs and we really are talking Songwriting here.  I also have to say..,besides a handful of cool artists...who else is also making indie anthems.  Oh and don't tell me that anthems aren't cool.  They are.  

Next we have to say "oh expletive" on the track "Submarines."  Check it out here.

By the way, we're not saying the production on this album is George Martin stuff.  The production level is Ryan Hadlock level.  Why you ask?  Because Ryan Hadlock produced the album.  Who is he?  Beats me.  We're not fucking journalists .. we just  pretend to be.   For sure it's competent but it's not like you have Paul Epworth or Rick "wtf kind of bacteria would you find in that beard" Rubin.  But that doesn't matter...the songs are awesome and carry the recordings..   

Our 2 other favorites for sure which are big big songs.  

"Dead Sea"


"Big Parade" 

Wrapping up this review...I'm watching The Lumineers end their set.  The band did their encore off stage in the middle of the crowd...all acoustic...all very incredibly intimate...including an amazing glockenspiel solo from Jeremiah, the drummer.  Proving that drummers in general, actually have talent beyond hitting things.  

There's other juicy songs on this album like "Charlie Boy," "Stubborn Love" ... jeez pretty much the entire album.  So...

All you other bands better step up in the songwriting department.  The Lumineers have set the bar for 2012! 

Here's also a link to their Facebook...because no doubt if you put Lumineers in Google you'll visit at least 3 websites about fixing your teeth.  Awww you crazy Google.

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