The Very Best are no longer The Very Worst


Have you ever listened to an album that just keeps getting better and better?  If not, then you need to check out The Very Best to know what the f i'm talking about on todays reviews on music post.

Now, in the past...I made fun that these guys calling themselves The Very Best when the last album should have been called The Nearly Very Worst.  Lots of hype up the ass and only one really good song "Warm Heart of Africa." (free download below).

The Very Best - Warm Heart Of Africa

But this recent outing on their album "MTMTMK,"...they may actually rise to the area of legitimately being The Very Almost Best...and more!

And who are The Very Best?  Well it's Esau Mwamwaya, Tron & Johan Karlberg hailing from London...with Esau coming all the way from Mzuzu, Malawi.  If you're asking me where that is...I hella don't know...ask your geography teacher.  (But for sake of argument and your anxiety I looked it up and it's in South East Africa.)   

And do you know what Tron and Johan's moniker is?  Yup.  It's "Radioclit."  If you're under 18 and don't know what a clit is.  Don't click here.  Radioclit.  How's that for a mouthful (if you're so fortunate...Hint: bring a napkin)?   Apparently, music and porn are the only places you can get away with this.  Like I don't expect to get my car serviced by "mechanic-taint."  

I digress.

The vibe here on The Very Best in case you're out of the loops is African lyric/melodies meets indie semi electro / tribal laced (at times) beats.   

This album just kept getting better and better...and by the time the playlist ran out...I was impressed.  
I am not so impressed with Radioclit's availability of embeds or files that I can link to.  Um guys...this ain't Africa...there are things like Soundcloud and YouTube that are especially nice.  Look into it.   

Favorite Songs:

The Very Best - "Rudeboy"


The Very Best - "I Wanna Go Away"


The Very Best - "We OK"


The Very Best - "Kondaine"

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