The xx Make a C -


So when it comes to The xx and their new album "Coexist"...I was soooo looking forward to writing a positive review.  But alas I think The xx, while trying to reach for the front end of the alphabet with a grade "A" more or less made a "C -" here on their latest album.  

Now, I don't know if any of the band members Jamie xx, Baria Qureshi, Romy Croft or Oliver Sim have middle names but one things for sure...middle name here is not "innovation."   Oh...wait, let me check.  Did they actually just re-release their 1st album "xx" and maybe add some B Sides?  Cuz that's what it sounds like.  

Don't get me wrong, this is a fine enough album to put on in the background while doing some other menial task or just for the right late night and candles chill vibe.  But as a piece of art / music doesn't make it.   In fact...I'd just put on their 1st album "xx" instead of this.  

Just an idea for an alternative album name: The xx - No Songs Faster than 65 BPM.

Maybe The xx has set the bar so amazingly high on their first album, which is no doubt a classic...that a schmuck like me can only say "Hey dudes...this was no where as good as your last one."   Oh well...send me your hate mail.  

But if there's a sound to the term "sophomore slump" ... then this is it.   

Don't get me wrong...I'm not out to blast out every significant indie release just..."because."   It's just that hardly anyone is REALLY delivering the bomb this year.  Just check out our reviews on music page.  A series of disapointments.

Thanks...but not sure I want to "Coexist" with this one.  

Total snoozorama here...but maybe that's what they were setting out to do.  

Best songs were the "hyped" tracks previous to of course, get your money. 

The xx - Angels (aka 3 Millioin people disapointed in not having a real video) 


The xx - Chained - Talking about "innovation"...this 2nd video compared to their 1st vdeo from Coexist is like their 2nd album compared the 1st.  Um...the same thing.  


Send me your hate mail.

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