Titus Andronicus-The Monitor (or the fake Conor Oberst Punk Bank)


Seriously, if someone told me Conor Oberst had a punk project and this is it...I would totally totally believe it. In fact, that's how I'm going to listen to this band from now on. Yes, Conor Oberst writes all the songs for Titus Andronicus...the rumour has started here! The truth is, Titus Andronicus is no Conor Oberst...the lyrics seem to reach for the poetry but as T.A. climbs the lyrics ladder...that one rung, you know...the important one, the one you're going to crack, fall and break your neck...well, it just doesn't hold...**snap** damn! Or maybe I can describe it better that listening to this album is like trying to walk up the down escalator. A lot of effort but doesn't seem to go anywhere and arrive. I mean...listen...is it a pre requisite today that to be cool, indie, angst, etc...you can't write a friggin melody?!? This album has lots of words...lots of shouting...and no melodies...'Attention shoppers we are all out of Melodies in the 'M' Aisle.' The best part of the album was the interludes. Really good good interludes. Anyway, you know, I tried for Titus Andronicus...I really really tried. And wanted to be a fan when I heard about them on the lips of the cooly A&Rs 2 years ago. I listened 3 whole times to try to soak it in. So welcome to my further adventures in Blogocide that I'm committing right now. If this was 'another' band on MySpace with no backing/promotion/marketing...I think they would be just 'another pretty good band' that no one would really hear about. Maybe I'm wrong, let's check in a year. God bless you T.A., but I don't get it. Key Songs: 'Four Score And Seven,' 'Theme From 'Cheers,' 'To Old Friends And New'