TV On The Radio Get Woosey


You know when you try and get some beers with a friend you haven't seen in a while, only to learn he quit drinking, has turned vegan, and would rather stay home and whisper sweet-nothings into his girlfriend's ear?


That's how TV On The Radio sounds on Nine Types of Light.


I'm not saying the group has become emasculated in the three years since its acclaimed Dear Science, but the new collection has the members coming across less like the brainy genre-pushers we knew and more like guys who are just, you know, taking it easy these days.


The slow burners and ballads that dominate Nine Types deal with everything from love ("Keep Your Heart") to courtship ("Will Do") and contemplations on nature ("Killer Crane"). And that's okay, because TV On The Radio still hasn't lost its delicate touch and intricate instrumental interplay.


But when the tunes feel sparser in construction, it turns the focus on vocalists Tunde Adebimpe and Kyp Malone- two dudes never mistaken for legendary lyricists.  It's not all Snooze Town: early bursts of energy come courtesy of opener "Second Song" and the remorseful unrest of "No Future Shock."


Still, even when things start to pick up in the back half, you might already be considering swapping out your Ambien prescription for the new TV On The Radio instead.


Key Tracks

"Will Do"



"Caffeinated Consciousness"