Twin Shadow Should Lay Off the Ducati


Have you ever been on the fence or flip flopped from really digging an album and then later thinking hmm... maybe most of this was just "purty good?" Ok... well... on today's Reviews on Music, that's how I'm feeling about the Twin Shadow album "Confess."  But really I like it.

And if you didn't already know, Twin Shadow is Brooklyn's (via Dominican Republic), George Lewis Jr who found inspiration to make this album after a motorcycle accident. Who knows, maybe he had a tailpipe stuck up his ass, but probably not. The good thing is, there was inspiration whatever the injury was to create this fine collection of tunage.

But like i mention in the beginning there are some big wins and some other "W" genre songs (with the "w" standing for "whatever.") On the ace / amazing indie pop songs here, for example we can start with "Run My Heart," which shows a touch of The Cure meets Eddie and the Cruisers "On The Dark Side." Yes, I really did just make that analogy. Loving this track.


Twin Shadow - Run My Heart


Next ya just gotta love "Five Seconds."  This is an indie pop anthem with a tinge of that tasteful and euphoric 80s vibe here that is reminiscent of something like Simple Minds "Alive and Kicking"... or something like that.


Twin Shadow - Five Seconds (my favorite on the album)


And "Golden Light," another big winner and another great song on the album.


Twin Shadow - Golden Light

But then there are songs I flip flop over, like "Patient," a song simply about that. Not sure if this was "the" song they needed to run to make a video for, but nonetheless here it is. 


Overall this is a totally solid album from Twin Shadow, who joins other "one man bands" represented by cool names like Owl City, Five for Fighting, Bright Eyes, Nine Inch Nails etc. 

Thanks for the music, George, and hope you recovered all the way from the motorcycle thing... p.s. DON'T RIDE MOTORCYCLES.  We want Twin Shadow. Not Twin-Shadow-Under-A-Big-Rig-18-Wheeler.


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