Vampire Weekend - Contra (if you are Ivy League are you still Indie?!)


I want to not like this. But Why? It's really good. Really really good in fact. But what rubs me the wrong They're from Harvard. Have about 500% more opportunity and financial upbringing than almost any other indie cool artist would have (except for you MIA, we know how you 'toughed' it out on that 1stalbum living in Justine Frischmann's million pound London pad (or so we heard), as a refugees of the Tamil militancy. Right.) So do I want to believe in a band whose parents probably have million dollar mansions in Greenwich village? Is that still Indie? There's a saying 'No One Likes To Hear A Rich Boy Sing The Blues.' Have they 'earned' this success yet? Are they still cool now that they debuted at #1 on Billboard Album Charts with no radio airplay? Probably some they are too 'in the mainstream' now...but does that make the band and songs less vital?! But I want to say...Bravo to Vampire Weekend. Damn..they made it. So haters, get over it. I did (OK I admit it...I'm jealous). This is a great album, a sound only Vampire Weekend could deliver. In fact...I think this is exactly the type of music Paul Simon (maybe with Garfunkel) would be making if they were young Brooklyn dudes making music today. Don't hate on Vampire Weekend. OK..just a little. Key songs: 'Horchata,' 'Cousings' (great video here), 'White Sky,' 'I Think You're A Contra' and 'California English'