Wale - Attention Deficit


Awww good for you! You made a pretty good album! That's sooo cute!! Just kidding. This is pretty good but you know for all of the bravissimo and ego of let's say...Kayne...you have to hand it to him...he's usually one step ahead of everyone and 'Attention Deficit' only makes some attempts at what '2010' should sound like. Plus, I'd have to say, the gap here on 'Attention Deficity' between genius and 'passing' grade is pretty far, which is why I don't like the album more as a piece. Some songs are jumping way 'over the bar'...but there are lots where that bar is smacking Wale right in the face. Key songs here are 'Mirrors' and 'Cocaine' for the deep message songs (but still are the jam!) and 'Pretty Girls' and 'Let It Loose' are more for the club.