Wild Nothing "Nocturne" Reviewed


Wild Nothing sounds like what I thought adulthood would be like when I was in high school. Everything would have a dreamy, summer-y feel to it.

And there'd be tons of one night stands.

(Yes, in high school I envisioned my adult life would play out like the playboy in a romantic comedy, minus the part where he falls in love and stops being an asshole.)

Generally this type of niched-base-jangle-pop is an honor badge for hipsters. Something to show off in public, but then give zero fucks about two months latter. Wild Nothing is better than that, though. There's depth here.

When I listened to Wild Nothing's debut album, Gemini, I felt like I was a teenager and I had the urge to go drive around and smoke cigarettes while listening to nothing else. Their follow up, and our latest Reviews On Music, Nocturne is more of the same.

The album's opener and first single "Shadow" sets the tone for the entire album:

"Nocturne" and "Paradise" are also good signifiers for the sort of melodic dream-pop that this album is made of.

Another one of the standout tracks is "Through the Glass." Although really the whole album is great.

In short, this is an album for you if you enjoy feeling nostalgic for high school, regardless of whether you like it or not. If that sounds like something you'd be into, then go buy it.

Nocturne is out now via captured tracks.


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