Review: Yagya - Long Live the "Y" for Yagya


Damn! Its been a hella long time I could write about and suggest an album you really need to have.  Yeah...a lot of the recent indie releases have left us high and dry.  But not to fear.  A great artist has arrived in your inbox.  And that artist's name is Yagya.

I originally fell in love with Yagya on a Carnival Cruise.  We spent long nights staring into each others eyes as the sun set on the Pacific and then...


Yagya is Icelandic producer Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson and is also a member of the Thule Musik collective, as well as other notable projects Sanasol and Plastic. 

Yagya - The Salt On My Cheeks

But getting back to my Yagya moments on the cruise...well...that is kinda the vibe that always get stirred up with Yagya.  Imagine the deepest ocean with the brightest stars.  Imagine 12am summer pool lounge after 3 drinks.  Imagine the sun coming up in Ibiza.  Or your late night metropolitan fire pit on rooftop.


Yagya evokes EMOTIONS.  And Yagya is definitely always in our metropolitan chill mix on our internet radio in our Metropolitan Chill or L.A. 3 A.M. mix.  (you can get our internet radio by clicking "Online Radio" on the home page).

Yagya - Gabriel (feat. Elisabet Eybors) 

So, whether its 3am in Los Angeles or the stars are shining down on you caressingly need to have some Yagya in your life.

Yagya is on an independent label Sending Orbs (maybe even self released) we always want to spend some extra time giving a shout out to Y.  In this case the Y = Yagya.

Yagya - Tears Will Fall

Make sure to also check his fantastic album "Rigning" from 2009.  These aren't easy to find and you might have to put out some $ for some imports ... but it's worth it.   

Other favorite songs: "Drowned In Dreams," "My Stary Is A New Song" and generally the whole album.  

Long live the Y.

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