Yeasayer - Old Blood


I'd like to know when an indie band is not an indie band. Yes, Yeasayer are on Secretly indie label. But is 'O.N.E.' an indie song or a mainstream pop hit if Justin Timberlake did it? So here's my gripe with indie vs. pop music. Indie music you almost can't write great songs that are melodic, have big choruses...Yes, this seems to be a cardinal sin. And then...if you are a pop artist can have hits but then, by default ... you can't be believable because you are obviously manufactured or won American Idol or X Factor (yes I mentioned those in a Yeasayer review)...But I think that's going to change this decade. (See Dan Black review on Wonky Pop or check the wiki There are 4 really good songs on this my opinion...wait...of course it's my opinion...I'm writing this shit! Key songs are 'Ambling Alp,' 'O.N.E.,' 'Love Me Girl' and 'The Children' is deliciously weird. Let's just say I'm a 'maybe-sayer' for now. (I know..that was corny).