Youth Lagoon Brings the Aesthetic (and Songs)


After listening through a lot of dreck (including new album disappointments and hypes from Childish Gambino and Justice)... I finally got to really some good stuff for our Reviews On Music. Not just good stuff... but stuff that I'll probably still enjoy 5 years from now.  C'mon... let's be serious.  How many of you REALLY are still listening to Titus Andronicus or __________ insert indie buzz band of the year?  (Speaking of buzz band hype, just keep an eye out out for Alabama Shakes to be the most buzzed about band leading into the SXSW Music Festival in March 2012 and then... fade away into obscurity.  Just my opinion.


Enter Youth Lagoon's new album "The Year of HIbernation," out on Fat Possum Records, which is something to cheer about (even if you are an indie shoegazer type... c'mon... you can do it -- *smile*).  Not only is this music and aesthetic is cool... Youth Lagoon bring musical and dreamy textures wrapped in real melodies and low key anthems.  You know, how music is supposed to be (so many people get it wrong today).  Also there's that weird thing that music is supposed to do about making you "feel something."  Mission accomplished here too.

Admittedly the 1st half of the album is much stronger than the 2nd half.  So if you had the option on vinyl ... I'd just buy Side A (um, that was a joke).

"The Year Of Hibernation" is a great album, in particular, to match an evening aesthetic.  You know... when the rest of the city lights go out and you can let the sonic aesthetic of Youth Lagoon wrap around you... like I'm doing right now. 

Only thing Youth Lagoon (aka Trevor Powers from Boise, Idaho) lacks is a Wiki page.  Someone please help him out there.

If you like Youth Lagoon... also keep an eye out for the female equivalent... a hot little pixie from Canada called Grimes.  Her new album coming out soon... more on that later.

Lastly, do I smell a cease and desist order coming on another band named Youth Lagoon?  Me thinks so... this band you want to avoid.

In the meantime...the key songs I'm loving on the real Youth Lagoon for Best Music 2011.