As an unabashed 100 Gecs stan, I don’t need to be convinced any more than I already am that every track on 1000 Gecs isn’t an absolute straight fire masterpiece that deserves as much praise as (if not 12x more than) the new Fiona Apple record. Full disclosure: I was considering going to Coachella JUST to see 100 Gecs, so I’m ‘all aboard’ on the gec train for sure for certain perhaps maybe even obsessed (no you are). Now that I think about it, maybe I’m the wrong person to be writing this blurb for We Are: The Guard. But you’re already here so why not just give it a listen.

Go ahead and read my Best New Artist post from February if after hearing this updated “stupid horse” Remix featuring GFOTY & Count Baldor something has awoken inside of you. The remix album, entitled 1000 Gecs & The Tree of Clues (although originally titled 1000 Gecs & th3 phant0m m3nac3)--I think-- is meant to activate non-fans. Is this you? Are you now activated?



Following after a Charli XCX, Rico Nasty, and Kero Kero Bonito version of “ringtone” and Dorian Electra handling updated vocals on “gec 2 Ü,'” is a remix of “stupid horse” that strips away all of the ska backbone, let’s PC Music stalwart GFOTY handle vocals instead of an auto-tuned Laura Les and tears up the track with part rocking guitar solo, part dolphin sfx, and a full on donk beat (see Blackout Crew’s ‘09 single “Put a Donk on it” for more information). 

The catch is, if you’re an avid reader of We Are: The Guard you’re likely a fan of bizarro pop. It’s one of our staples. Playing 100 Gecs for your friends might result in a pleasant ‘not for me’ (as this has definitely happened to me and I will always resent them for it) or even a more angry “shut this off, please.” 

The remixes (especially “stupid horse”) have taken a bit of the experimental blender that makes 100 Gecs so special out of the picture. These versions offer vocals that are a tad more refined and might make ‘regular people’ (ew) more happy to hear. That’s fine! We support this! So all you 100 Gecs fans, let’s mobilize. Sure we might not have been able to convince our friends months ago that Gecs were the most important band of our time, but now at least maybe we can trick them with this remix.

Check the video, but maybe let’s just keep the visuals for us. 

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