Indie Cover Songs

Witch House producer Fraunhofer Diffraction takes the 90s grunge classic “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and morphs it completely into a haunting future bass banger called “KVRT IN SPACE.” Kurt Cobain would be hella (...)
Don’t go chasing after another cover of TLC’s mega hit single “Waterfalls” because Ten Fé is the only cover that matters. Where many fall short, the five piece band comes out with an unexpected sound. I would (...)
Real heads know my stance on covers, that you need to present the song in a new light in order for it for it to be worth anyone's while beyond a single listen. California duo slenderbodies took note and transformed “Toxic” into a nu disco-chill wave hybrid that is mesmerizing.
Competing with Ocean’s sound, by covering one of his jams and trying to grab and hold on to a little bit of the magic that is his songwriting is a ballsy move for any artist. Our favorite artist to take that challenge head on is Los Angeles based, Europe bred vōx.
For a very long time I have told anyone who would listen (and several more who would not) that every good cover song has to keep the core of the original but present the song in a new way. And DYAN’s cover of Cycling Trivialities does exactly that.
STRØM lists artists such as James Blake, Jai Paul, Oceaán, and SBTRKT as his influences. You can hear their imprints throughout this track, as well as in STRØM’s original works. What you don’t necessarily hear are the stylings of fellow Swede Adrian Lux, whose work is being interpreted here.
There are few artists as confident as Kyan Palmer, which is probably why his contribution to our Indie Christmas compilation is so sweet. Palmer clearly isn't afraid to experiment with his pristine vocals, which may explain why he's filling BIG blue suede shoes this winter season.
If you’re not particularly vibing with our Indie Christmas posts because they’re all a little too cheery… Well, boy oh boy oh boy do we have the video for you. MXMS’ darkly gothic dubstep influenced rendition of Carol of the Bells is one to wrap and put under the tree and treasure for infinity.
If you told me that dark, dirge-y electropop group MXMS tried their hand at recording a Christmas cover song, I would have laughed at you. But they’re totally part of We Are The Guard Indie Christmas compilation (...)