Another day, another remix of MXMS’ stunning track “Gravedigger”. This time the reworking is helmed by the hyperaggressive EDM stylings of Satronica. The Brooklyn-based DJ and producer made a name for himself by (...)
A killer remix has the distinct ability to turn you on to two artists at the same time. And maybe it’s just me, writing for this site being my job and all, but I’m PRETTY into the discovery of new music. I have an inkling (...)
Originally I was only going to include the Spotify embed for Superorganism’s remix of Hot Chip’s dark enchanting single “Spell,” but after surfing YouTube and landing on the video … these are just too good of visuals to pass up (...)
Last week, the Goddesses of this world finally answered my prayers and gave me the collaborations I’ve always wanted: Bjork, the Knife, and Fever Ray swapping each other’s songs. Yes, I love to see it. The tracks are every (...)
Cable. Saint Punk. Swear Words. Get to know these names now because after a release like this they’re absolutely on that fast track to every imaginable version of the big league rise. MXMS (or as they are (...)
It’s been about eight months since pop singer Salem graced us with what WFNM described her single “Impatient” as “undeniably incredible pop.” She carved herself a spot as an artist to watch and since then (...)
The Maryland crooner has delivered a pair of songs that remind us that Gallant is one of the most creative and distinct talents in the R&B world. We’ve already covered Gentleman, and Doesn’t Matter is an equally fantastic song. Yet it gets even better when you add a little A$AP Ferg.