Electronic Chill

On the newest single from her upcoming Kick i album, beat wizard Arca returns with "Nonbinary," exploring her inward journey around gender. To say that gender and sexuality are confusing in 2020 is to put it mildly (...)
Kiasmos sounds like the Spanish collective verb plural for the official car of the NBA, but that is not actually what the band’s name means. Instead, it’s a purposeful misspelling of chiasmus, a term of Latin and Greek origins that means (...)
Four Tet remixes the spirit of 90s rave on "Baby" featuring Ellie Goulding. When you're heavily immersed in electronic music it can be difficult to think back across the span of decades, remembering where you were - if you were there (...)
Lane 8 isn’t the kind of one-trick pony DJ who’s better on the mix than he is in the studio. Not even close. The man cooks up nothing but solid jams every single time. A proper awareness of what makes people move and feel and feel moved. Who (...)
It’s been nearly three years since Anders Trentemøller released material and before letting any more time sleep by, the electronic producer pulls out the most intoxicating single ever. “Sleeper” is like stepping into an alt (...)
I can’t believe that it took me three days to finally get to writing about Icelandic producer Yagya’s single “Frysti Stormur.” I don’t think any less of those of you not familiar with the name because he’s one music’s best-kept (...)
The last time I heard a flute get this much action was when I watched Ron Burgundy perform a solo in the movie Anchorman. That scene made me realize just how underappreciated this sexy piece of woodwind (...)
Teflon Sega may be from The Land, but he spends his time cloud surfing. The emerging singer creates worlds with his music, immersing the listener in reverb soaked vocals and spaced-out synths. His latest single, The Fire We Lost, produced by fellow Clevelander Vikaden, is a whole other solar system for you to get lost in.
I mean I was already a bit of a Jon Hopkins fanboy going into this track, so if you’re not into fanboys talking about things they love than maybe you should just turn away now. But don’t because then you’d miss out on some of the greatest art (full stop) of 2018.