With Fake News and Alternative Facts dominating the airwaves now-a-days it's hard to tell what is real and what isn't anymore. That being said, this Vladimir Putin cover song of Radiohead's Creep is as REAL AS IT GETS.
Tuber dondrapersayswhat has a series of inspired video mashups, but Uptown Funk Goes To The Movies is his masterpiece. There’s a reason this thing is going viral.
The Dollar Beard Club showed up at just the right time, taking the ideas behind the Dollar Shave Club and kicking them up a hair or two. Oh the Internet, I love you.
Understanding other cultures as an outsider is a nearly impossible task. But some things are not to be understood. Some men (and LADYBABIES) just want to watch the world…
You would think that after years of training and performing, these musicians would be praised by their fans whenever they step up on the stage. However, whether they had a bad day or just lacked talent, here are ten musicians that were booed off the stage.
There seems to be a line of thinking in American pop culture that more is always better. The verdict is in: This song is significantly better with just Miguel. Wale really ought to get back to rapping about nothing.
In case you haven’t heard, NEWS FLASH, this current generation is killing music. It’s a known fact that no one has paid for music since 1999. How do you sleep at night? Have you no conscience? No empathy?
Well congratulations! We did it! We got the April Fools Day present we all deserve— 57 minutes of Jason Derulo singing his own name. Could you even ask for anything better? Would you even want anything more?
We have a wonderful carnival game for you to try. Test your luck at the Indie Wheel of Weirdness. You never know what you’re going to get.