Best New Dark Music

On the newest single from her upcoming Kick i album, beat wizard Arca returns with "Nonbinary," exploring her inward journey around gender. To say that gender and sexuality are confusing in 2020 is to put it mildly (...)
French singer/songwriter/producer/auteur Woodkid reflects on monolithic systems and the harm they do on "Goliath," his first new single in seven years. Electronic music's a funny choice for critiquing (...)
British aggro-electro-rockers get cynical, dark with "The New Insane"! Music seems to go in waves of darkness, a comment and counterpoint on the state of the culture. Sometimes, tastes run towards the poppy (...)
With Halloween on our heels, it would be hard to ignore MXMS’ music video for their recently released track “Death Row.” Here, the duo manages to bridge together their take on industrial music with mainstream pop (...)
Deep, whispered emotions piped directly to your brain. The huff of a breath meant only for you. In a day and age of the bigger, the better, MXMS make deeply personal, solitary tunes. Music that feels best listened to (...)
We’ve brought to you "What's My Name" by MXMS a couple of times before, but they always say that third times a charm. Sometimes a song is so important that you need to keep playing it for your friends until they start talking about it on their own (,,,)
We Are: The Guard are very proud to represent mxms and all of their very deeply darkly troubled pop music on our label. It’s not often that we come across artists who have this much to say, but especially not in such an (...)
The duo MXMS step into the light about the painful reality of bullying and social exclusion on "What's My Name?" in honor of World Suicide Prevention Day. [Content Warning: References to suicidal ideation and (...)
We Are: The Guarders, it’s time to meet. CABLE. The Nashville bass Producer has got a bevy of astonishingly heavy tunes, some killer key art, and not a whole lot of information out there about him. What we do know is (...)
My favorite part about writing for We Are: The Guard has got to be how goth our readers are. Y’all love this electro-tinged emo goth synthwave energy, with dark brooding vocals and moody tones. Don’t get me wrong, I do too. But sometimes (...)
If someone told me ten years ago that I’d be listening to an electro-goth cover of Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks,” I’d be like, “Yeah right.” Then if that same person proceeded to explain to me what the song was (...)