Best New Artists 2017

Lui Hill is your new favorite artist. You will tell your friends about his neo-electro-soul vibe. You will tell them that it reminds you of Bon Iver, but like so completely different. That he croons in a way that strikes a chord in your heart and that they can’t possibly understand and you’re sorry you’re just giddy with excitement because he’s that good.
London duo Bamboo Smoke has the kind of space-jazz bass that thousands of bedroom producers are trying to figure out in their home studios right this very second. Their sound is a bit of an etherial trip-hop vibe with unrefined edges keeping it in the underground.
Really great pop songs seem to be a dime a dozen nowadays. But pop icons? Those only come when we’re really good boys and girls and beg the music gods of the underworld to bless us with a talent worth blogging about. What we have here with Swedish singer/songerwriter Clara Mae, is a little bit of both.
Gather around because today’s Curator Find Raffaella is the only sound you need to hear on this fine freezing day. If you’ve ever felt like killing your female friend then her single Sororicide is your anthem. We strongly suggest you don’t kill anyone though.
We’ve scoured the internet for all the world's best music that hasn’t broken quite yet. Dig in for some Indie Chill Vibes, Dark R&B, Funky R&B and Mutant Pop, Dark Pop, Future Pop & Regular Pop! Holy Hell there’s a lot of good tunes on this November New Artist Forecaster.
Fletcher Gull has the kind of staying power that very few folk/Indie Rock acts seem to have, and I say this with only two songs to his name (they’re that good)!
A Shadow of Jaguar come out of nowhere, well Brooklyn in fact, with the freshest rock and roll sound sound since the last time everyone was reminded Rock still exists. A Shadow of Jaguar are a rock and roll duo here to melt your brain and rock your socks and not necessarily in that order.
There may not be very many artists purveying the genre of depression pop, but may LAOISE be their new queen. This Dublin singer is poised to lead the morose millennial masses to overcome their feelings of loneliness and inadequacy through dark pop.
It's not entirely fair to compare Kelsy Karter to Amy Winehouse but I’m going to anyway. That new soul sound with pop hooks, powerful bravado, supreme confidence and lyrics about getting high? Check. Karter is doing her own thing with a sound that feels completely fresh despite the aforementioned parallels.
It must still be summer here in Los Angeles, home base of We Are The Guard and yours truly. Shake The Fire is a small little reminder from debuting artist Sampson that the heat is still on in the musical world, even from our neighbors from the north.
On the radar here at We Are The Guard is the wise-beyond-her-years artist Chappell Roan, whose debut EP School Nights yielded the dark, but enlightened Good Hurt.
April Nhem, known professionally as Satica, is a singer/songwriter and a second-generation Cambodian-American. Her style mixes R&B, electronica, pop, and rock to produce tracks that transcend genres, and truly pleases listeners who don't restrict their tunes to one singular audience.