Best New Artists 2014

If you’ve been craving something that totally stands out in a world flooded with producers/DJs and want something truly fresh and intriguing, then an emerging artist called Slaptop is just what you need.
It would seem Canada is becoming famous for ensemble indie these days. New band Highs truly have their own sound and it’s light, pretty and fun.
Working under the name X priest X, new artists Madeline Priest and David Kazyk are creating some seriously dreamy pop songs that make them stand out from the growing electropop crowd.
Alma Elste is a slice of soulful pop electronica that one simply cannot resist. This enigmatic new indie artist is a vision to behold and a delight to listen to – an enchanting cocktail for the senses.
SPELLES is the hot new pop brainchild of LA-based musician Kathryn Baar and producer Bill Lefler. Thanks to The Guard curator Duffster for bringing this awesome new discovery to our attention.
It’s undeniable that Last Lynx is wonderfully made indie pop. Our intrepid curator Pavit B brings us a new band that is full of easy going charm and clever instrumentation.
New artist Blondino is basically an amalgam of folk vocals, electronic sampling, acoustic guitar and rock sensibility. Sound interesting? You bet it is.
Emerging artists Blonde are transforming the world of electronic music with a pop-heavy house sound that definitely has an early 90's vibe to it.
Upon first listen, new artist Shoffy sounds a little like a more electronic version of Justin Timberlake, with smooth R&B tones to his vocals and light, ambient and sensual dubsteppy beats.
In a world where everyone likes to label themselves as a DJ or a producer, it’s a nice surprise to stumble upon an artist that actually has something special and unique to offer— and that is where Amsterdam’s Alex Cruz comes in.
At just 17 years old Jacob Grant, better known as new artist Just A Gent, is a pop virtuoso. As one of the pioneers of a new sub genre, love trap, Just A Gent appears primed for a major breakthrough.
A petite brunette with model-esque good looks and a thundering set of pipes, 22 year old new artist Veiga Sanchez could have been the next big pop diva. Instead she chose the brooding name Salt Ashes and decided to take the road less traveled by.