Best Songs Ever

Butt, Ass, Booty. Seat, Fanny, Keister. Tailfeather. Tushie. Derriere. The list could go on and on. We’ve got more words in the English language to describe the part of the body with which we sit than the Eskimos do for snow. (Probably, this (...)
It’s very hard out there. With a near constant barrage of outside sources challenging your well being, it’s no wonder that the majority of us feel mentally unwell. From rent, bills, taxes, the healthcare industry (...)
We Are: The Guard tend to cover Indie and Pop and Electro, but what about something that’s none of those genres at all? It’s time to talk about possibly the most maligned merger of genres in the history (...)
Originally recorded for the Icelandic Princess's second album, Debut (IRONY!), "I Remember You" first saw the light of day as the other song on Bjork's "Venus As A Boy" single. If you haven't heard it, it's new to you!