Best New Indie Pop

Germany’s PRETTY PINK has been heating things up with her self-described deep woods deep house sound, and we’re totally loving the DJ’s fiery new single, My Kick. The track features THE ELEMENT and it’s a blissful, easy-going yet moody electronic pop track.
Emma Jensen has arrived. The Norwegian producer and artist thoughtfully brings an intriguing mix of genres on Closer. If you read the lyrics alone, it sounds like a basic ballad about love lost—that kind of love that you know is wrong, but you so desperately want to hold on to.
We at We Are The Guard love Flume’s 2016 EP, Companion. It is, quite literally, a companion to the solo act’s explosive debut album, Skin. Since then, the electro favorite has played a sold out world tour and worked the festival circuit, leaving devoted followers hypnotized.
Wolffe is your next guilty pleasure. Her latest track, Fuck With Me is basically bubblegum pop turned over to the dark side. Her newest spectacle reinforces her rebel rouser, party girl vibes. You’ll love her music, but you may never admit it.
They’ve already been nominated for a Grammy for their 2016 single, Drinkee, but now Australian duo SOFI TUKKER are back with a fiery anti-Trump statement that’s simply entitled, Greed. We’re super exited to share this politically driven banger with you today!
ROME FORTUNE is back continuing his Beautiful Pimp series (the last installment was way back in 2014) with the first single off of Beautiful Pimp 3, Jaded. The track is produced by C.Z., and it’s a fiery mix of electronic and hip-hop elements.
20 year old new artist SIGRID is already blowing up thanks to her smashing debut single, Don’t Kill My Vibe, which is simply pure pop perfection. Strong and striking vocals, intricate soundscapes, and simply epic and emotional production will take a hold of you instantly.
After 2015’s Flash Drive EP, Sydney-based producer WAVE RACER is finally back with his fiery and infectious remix of TKAY MAIDZA’s 2016 track, Carry On. Wave Racer was able to take it to the next level by amping up the original’s playful qualities and adding his signature fun and unique vibe that always keeps us coming back for more.