Best New Indie Pop

The world discovered Desiigner by way of his debut track, Panda. Then along with summer 2016 came Tiimmy Turner and suddenly the industry woke up to Desiigner’s promise as the next big hip hop star. His latest release, Outlet, gives off just the same sort of larger-than-life power.
If you miss classic Bjork, Bernache could help fill the void. The Canada native’s new song, Your Name, has the same clattering instrumentals juxtaposed with angelic vocals. Never heard of Bernache? Don’t worry, we haven’t listened to her before either. In fact, this is the singer/producer’s first release as a solo artist since being a member of the band, Man I Trust.
Not only is MAAD busy making a big impression with her R&B music style, she’s also a model, DJ, and a talented film director. Her latest music release, Touch Me featuring Grammy nominated artist Ro-James, is nothing short of incredible.
I’ve been seriously lacking some sugary sweet tunes in my life. But luckily new artist TYSM (short for Thank You So Much) is here and she totally delivers. The Texas native just dropped her debut single, Honeymoon Phase, and we just can’t get enough.
If it’s true that first impressions are everything then Schwarz is bound for accolades. Home is the first song from the artist (also known as Roland Meyer de Voltaire) and what I hear is pure talent. Schwarz’s voice is smooth and haunting. His sound is the kind that is easy to listen to when falling asleep at night.
Who doesn’t love good pop? Phoebe Ryan’s new song, Dark Side, is just another one of her dance-worthy contributions to the music world. In 2016 alone, Phoebe put out three of her own tracks, co-wrote a Britney Spears song and collaborated with fellow newcomers, The Chainsmokers and The Knocks.
Day Wave’s music is an escape. Even though Jackson Phillips' first full-length album, Days We Had, won’t be released until May, I wouldn’t consider him a new artist. Since his first song premiered in 2015, Day Wave has developed a distinct shoe gaze sound. All of his music has a fuzzy quality to it, and his latest song release, Something Here, is also a bit hazy.