Best New R&B

Most discoveries happen by accident. Columbus was looking for a shortcut to India when he landed on Hispaniola. Viagra was originally supposed to be a blood pressure medication. Play-Doh was intended to clean soot from fireplaces (...)
Houston native Alaina Castillo started singing in church as a child. While in high school, she began posting videos on YouTube and developed her soothing, R&B sound. Since then, she’s been found on Spotify’s (…)
It’s officially wedding season bb’s and We Are: The Guard wants to be a part of your happiest day in like ever by giving you the most epic must play music at your wedding playlist featuring The Best R&B Wedding Songs. For this assignment (…)
Alt R&B Star Kehlani Explores The Conflicting Feelings Of A Break-Up On "Toxic." Break-ups are never easy. Or straightforward. Disentangling your life from someone is a rollercoaster of emotions, causing a (...)
Two-time Grammy Award Winner Gregory Porter's feeling the spirit on "Revival"! Time, life, culture are all funny things sometimes. We like to think we're zooming forward in a straight line - that yesterday's sins are retreating in the rearview mirror (...)