Best Love Songs

It’s officially wedding season bb’s and We Are: The Guard wants to be a part of your happiest day in like ever by giving you the most epic must play music at your wedding playlist featuring The Best R&B Wedding Songs. For this assignment (…)
Well, well, well. What do we have here? Looks like Los Angeles based artist/producer NoMBe has released another dreamy romantic masterpiece “Weirdo,” and it’s ridiculously caliente (a.k.a. hot for all my non Spanish speaking (…)
Here at We Are: The Guard, we love us some of those great love songs. And it’s easy to just think of the classics (“I Will Always Love You,” “Baby Love,” “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” “All You Need Is Love”) (...)
Even though Valentine’s day has passed, it’s always the right time to get your romantic playlists together, and these hip hop love songs should definitely be on there. From classics like 2Pac and LL Cool J, to new favorites by Noname and Aminé (...)
While ‘grunge’ and ‘love’ don’t always go together, many of the great grunge and alternative bands did have some grunge love songs, they’re just not so obvious. Whether it’s shrouded in metaphors or distorted (...)
Throughout the years, R&B artists have sent listeners swooning with thoughtful and timeless love songs. If you’re searching for the right song to show that special someone you care, a romantic playlist for a night in, or the perfect R&B wedding songs (...)
Are you searching for the perfect indie wedding songs? Something unique and not overplayed? Have you been reading post after post with no luck? Are you sick of seeing I’m Yours and All of Me? Well lucky for you, we’ve scoured the (...)
We’ve put our heads together and compiled some of Punk Rock’s greatest love songs. From the forlorn to the violent and everything in between, there’s a little bit of something for everyone here. Pop a safety pin through your nose, spit in someone’s face and bang away to these ten tracks.