Best New Tracks

The song begins with light guitar plucking and a falsetto so fragile it doesn’t seem real. The track remains minimalistic throughout, even though horns rise with the added weight of the chorus. The lightness of the (...)
If there’s a José González cover out there, you can count us on here at We Are: The Guard to let you know about it. So when we heard British Nigerian crooner Jacob Banks took a stab at González’s “Every Age,” (...)
Below is a song that pretty much makes any music that we feature today sound basic. Metal-step/metal trap/ producers Qoiet have unleashed a single that leaps out at you like something from a horror movie. It (...)
Koruna & Lime is the third single off of Injury Reserve’s self-titled album dropping May 17th. Koruna & Lime is an obvious play on words… Corona & Lime, but instead of Corona they sub the word for the Czech currency (...)
The last time I heard a flute get this much action was when I watched Ron Burgundy perform a solo in the movie Anchorman. That scene made me realize just how underappreciated this sexy piece of woodwind (...)
Dark indie songstress Morgan Saint returns with another pop ballad that tears at your heart. Her single “God Bless Our Souls,” is perfectly suited for late nights when guilt and regret are eating at you (...)
HEALTH proved to us just how good industrialized music can sound. They also go on to prove just how well punk rap and industrial rock blend together. In fact, it’s so good it basically snatched off my hair extensions (...)
Falling in love is a strange, complicated rush of emotions. There's the adrenaline euphoria rush of hormones. There's the excitement of deep-diving into your lover's soul... But (...)
Producer Goldroom says that today’s featured song “Yellow Flowers” helped him rediscover that feeling of wonder and possibility in his own music.” Yes Goldroom, you're are on point. I (...)
When was the last time you were complimented and insulted at the same time? For me, it only happens when I see my mother … often ... but that’s a story for my therapist. I ask this because if I wanted to be insulted I’d (...)
Berkeley producer/singer/songwriter's Emmit Fenn’s single "Overflow" is ebullient yet reserved, gushing with emotion yet static and steady. Read our review to find out more! In the tarot deck, the 3 of cups is called (...)
Sometimes less is more as we hear on "Dirty AF1's," the debut single from the elusive electropop of Alexander 23. In a world where everything's immediately available at the push of a button or the flick of a wrist; where (...)