Best New Tracks

Big Freedia, current keeper of the New Orleans bounce sound and ultimate payer of Rent has just dropped 3rd Ward Bounce. The EP is fire and uplifting twerk music as it comes, but Karaoke, the effort’s first track and next single is a HUGE sound, and calls back to those hazier nights out at the clurb.
Oh man this song makes me feel absolutely fantastic. Like sun shining down on my soul, just got the big job and the girl of my dreams, skipping down the street with a huge smile plastered across my face. This track gives me the warm fuzzies unlike anything I’ve experienced in a long time.
Flight Facilities have graced us with a beautiful, emotional groover that you, me, and EVERYBODY ELSE is going to be swooning over for the rest of eternity. Flight Facilities blend folksy vocals, chill trip hop drums and vibey synths into something transcendent.
Seattle's Low Cut High Tops Get Healthily Unhealthy With Cigarettes And Wine. Drinking and smoking go together like smoke and fire. If you're already leaning into the wanton decadence, why not go all the way?
Yeah Right is the first offering we’ve heard from CHINAH's debut album and it does not disappoint. Things start off innocuously enough with bright, airy synths, but they quickly take a dark turn. CHINAH makes sure to keep you on your toes, zigging when you expect them to zag.
While movies and pop music try to make it seem like some grand and splendorous thing, being in love is really just one big pain in the ass. Here lies the premises behind Groceries, the first track off Mallrat's latest EP In The Sky.
Baile Bear shouts out the “Batman Alley” from the neighborhood of Pinheiros, Sao Paulo in his minute seventeen VIP remix of Jaden Smith’s parody(?) of Drake and Future’s “Jumpman.” One of the weirdest sentences I’ve ever had to type.
“I know my life is a sad song,” is one of those things I’ve often thought but never quite had the courage or conviction to say aloud. Yipsi native Daniel Wilson on the other hand is willing to go on the record. The Flight is an unsubtle emotive ballad that cuts deeper with each listen.