Best New Tracks

While it’s likely that nothing will ever top Riton and Kah-Lo’s first outing together, they’re clearly not going to stop trying. Ginger is a certifiable banger, the best one since the first imo. This bubbly, bouncing, future funk electro jam is bound to get any dancefloor hype.
For a very long time I have told anyone who would listen (and several more who would not) that every good cover song has to keep the core of the original but present the song in a new way. And DYAN’s cover of Cycling Trivialities does exactly that.
As I repeatedly listened to Comatose by the mysterious new duo OutsideOUTSIDE, it reminded me of an anecdote from Emotional Intelligence about how falling in love triggers the same parts of the brain as taking hallucinogens.
Father Issues, from AUGUST 08’s 8 song EP Father, is so deeply, heart-wrenchingly gorgeous that not sharing it would a be a crime against humanity on par with playing Cards Against Humanity with people you don’t like.
It’s been seven years and then some since Uffie was Poppin’ the Glock, and as far as her songwriting chops are concerned, little has changed. The French-American artist is back from a very long hiatus with the wondrous bit of afterhours dream pop Drugs.
Darci is the newest neon light in nocturnal hip-hop. On My Own is the anonymous duo's tenth single, to date. The temperature rises with each subsequent release. Boiling point should soon be reached and we don't doubt we'll hear a lot more about this mysterious unit, probably before year's end.
This Is America and its accompanying video is like Jordan Peele's Get Out with a digital dancehall beat. It's the sound of making s'mores as Babylon burns, or catching a wicked suntan in the post-nuclear summer. Needless to say, absolute top-shelf stuff! Comedy and Tragedy have never been closer cousins.
Tove Styrke has been a rising star among the Northern Lights of Sweden's Pop glitterati. With "Sway," she aims to cement her position among the Scandipop firmament. It's well deserved, as Styrke's soaring vocals and carbonite beats stand up against the best from that region, past, present, and likely future.
Thutmose was born in Nigeria and currently resides in Brooklyn. He teamed up with German-born producer NoMBE for this adrenaline-packed rock single. And thanks to the folks at EA Sports, both are about see their profile and platform expand exponentially.