Best New Tracks

Something for your M.I.N.D., the debut single from the mysterious eight piece band Superorganism, is a real thinker in the sense that this goes against everything you think a song should sound like. Even the spelling of the title is a direct analogy to the structure of the composition. In a way it’s sort of an anti song for current mainstream songs.
Dutch producer R3hab has experimented and put out tracks that cover an array of styles and colors within the electronic scene. From big heavy hitting drops and original songs to dark remixes and bigger than life sounds, but none fit him as well as the lush soundscape that make We Are: The Guard readers fall back in love with house music.
Vince Staples has finally released new music. BagBak is the first new song since last year’s Prima Donna EP and it’s just as fast and punchy as we would expect from the Long Beach native. The track is quintessential Staples with hard hits of the bass smothered by a high-styled sheen.
Like Someone In Love has been performed by greats such as Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Chet Baker, Björk, and other artists. Joining the notable performances is indie musician Bruno Major. With the help of indie artist Phairo, the two recreated the classic song into something refreshingly true to its jazz roots.
Awful Records’ FATHER just released his hot new pop-trap track Hands, produced by Meltycanon, following last year’s track, Heartthrob. We’re super excited to share this track with you since it’s been a little while since we’ve heard anything new from the Atlanta-based artist, and “Hands” definitely delivers.
Outkast’s Hey Ya is one of the most beloved songs of our generation. It would be near-impossible to make a cover that’s as memorable as the original, but evidently The Guard’s very own DENM was up for the challenge.
Like exquisite light up jewelry, internet cat gifs, and Britney Spear’s trajectory, Kites by Swedish producer Grynpyret is a classic track whose sound captures some of the best memories as a kid. It's a hot mess of a track that for a quick 3 minutes makes you feel like a kid again. Carefree, fearless, and innocent to a degree with an uplifting airy style that that makes life feel simple and fun.
As part of his upcoming EP REAL, Henry Green releases a dizzying tune that will get people excited about taking a step back and diving into an intimate space where soft sultry beats serve as a safety blanket from the feeling of vulnerability that may be felt throughout More Than This.