Best New Tracks

Mark your calendars peeps and prepare for the heat on June 28th. The weatherman doesn’t know this yet, but it’s guaranteed to be the hottest day of this summer all thanks to Freddie Gibbs and Madlib's collaborative album (...)
Because we need more music that shows the kindness of humans and the good we can bring if we just give a tiny bit of ourselves, soul singer Eryn Allen Kane is out with her highly anticipated album a tree planted by water (...)
Richie Quake is Marty McFly in Back to the Future Part II, no question. He has successfully time travelled between the eighties and the aughts seamlessly blending their music together into a sound that belongs to a (...)
Given that he’s a white dude combining elements of hip hop, punk, and emo into his music, comparisons to Twenty One Pilots are practically unavoidable. And any Caucasian-looking person who raps will inevitably be (...)
Hmmm...I have a sister and our relationship isn’t anything like this song. That being said, I’m getting the sneaking suspicion based on the lyrical content that perhaps this song is meant more for sisters, and not just (...)
This song is sexy as all hell. A little rendezvous between Dom and his girl in that slow-tempo sound definitely as us hot under the collar. If this isn’t the baby-making anthem for the rest of the year than the world needs to catch (...)
It’s been about eight months since pop singer Salem graced us with what WFNM described her single “Impatient” as “undeniably incredible pop.” She carved herself a spot as an artist to watch and since then (...)
UK spoken word artist Kate Tempest traces the roots of life, civilization on the mystical "Holy Elixir." Hip-hop gives voice to ordinary people, speaking dreams and desires in riddim and rhyme. Born from street corners, city parks, MCs are sorcerers (...)
The long wait is finally over. Your search for the perfect summer nights song has ended with the arrival of “Do You Love Her Now”, Jai Paul’s first new song since 2012. Released in conjunction with his brand-new website (...)
Right from the get-go these drums make it all too obvious that isn’t your average run of the mill funk-punk-dance-pop tune. But, since when has there ever been one? Cosmo Gold’s “Drown the Fly” feels like the second-cousin (...)
Digitalism’s “Voltage” is a barn-burner. If the barn burner is seven hundred years in the future and robots have taken over the world and the only reason barns even still exist is for robots to burn them down in rage and (...)
The book says we may be through with the past, but the past ain’t through with us. Apparently Katy Perry has read that book too. Before we get to the meat and potatoes of “Never Really Over”, ask yourself what the last (...)
Tim Halperin and Billy Van started Boundary Run to create lush, introspective, and highly emotive songs. Their latest offering, “Marigolds” delivers on all these promises. Sounding like a pop-centric Bon Iver, or America’s answer to the High Highs (...)