Top Pop Songs

Tate McRae, the Great White North’s answer to whatever Billie Eilish is, has no use for idle time. The self-professed workaholic continues to churn out new music. Her latest work is a collaboration with (...)
On “Overkill,” Holly Humberstone finds herself in the most terrifying, but exciting part of a blossoming fling: when it’s time to have the “what are we” talk. After releasing two heart-wrenching singles (...)
Everything is bad right now, and gnash is no stranger to the heaviness in the world. Everything is changing. It’s terrifying to go anywhere, and all of these fears have been amplified by staying at home for three months. Every (...)
Quarantine has put quite the pressure on many couples, leading to huge falling outs and breakups. In fact, divorce rates in China increased 25% during the lockdowns! Breakups during social distancing are especially (...)
After a year of successful singles and remixes, rising artist Au/Ra has blessed us with “Ideas.” Jamie Lou Stenzel (Au/Ra) was born in Ibiza to a musical family. Her father, Torsten Stenzel, is a producer, composer, and songwriter within (…)
Well, well, well. What do we have here? Looks like Los Angeles based artist/producer NoMBe has released another dreamy romantic masterpiece “Weirdo,” and it’s ridiculously caliente (a.k.a. hot for all my non Spanish speaking (…)