Best New Videos

Dance, the latest single from British singer Leon Else, is an infectious bit of 80s-inspired synth pop. But the real star here is not Else’s voice or lyrics, but his incredibly swift feet. Using a minimalist set and dramatic lighting, Else ratchets up the tension and accentuates his every move for an emotionally cathartic sequence that is truly jaw dropping.
Mr. Oizo is back with a brand new LP, and he got his alter ego to direct a trailer for said album. I’m sure All Wet is an excellent album and yada yada yada. I don’t care about all that right now because this trailer is fanf**kingtastic. Why don’t all albums get trailers? And why aren’t all trailers this good, music or otherwise?
It’s no secret that Swedish duo DOG ORCHESTRA is one of our favorite up and coming artists here at BitCandy, and we are extremely excited to share their brand new video for their single, Broke, with you today. It’s the latest single off of their debut EP, and it’s a bone chilling and stripped down track that you won’t forget.
All signs point to the soundtrack being the best thing to come out of the ensemble-train-wreck known as Suicide Squad. And the best thing to come out of the soundtrack is the Skrillex and Rick Ross collab, “Purple Lamborghini.” The video also lives up to the absurdly high expectations the OWSLA crew has set for themselves.
In our digital age people are always writing things (usually in all CAPS) like This is INSANE!!!, but the video for Petite Meller's Milk Bath actually is completely bonkers. This is one of those rare instances where the hyperbole is totally justified. Milk Bath was shot in what appears to be Senegal, as I’m pretty sure the pink body of water is Lake Retba.
At its best, art has the ability to change your perspective and redefine how you see the world. Or it can help you empathize with others by showing their perspective. Kalacoma’s latest video, Kaleidoscoper, achieves this by allowing the viewer to experience what a seizure looks and feels like.
Holy Fuck decided to do something this year they haven’t done in 6, release an album. The sublime Congrats kicks off the long Memorial Day weekend, headlined by the standout single, Tom Tom. As we just now got around to consuming the album, we also just got around to watching the Michael Leblanc-directed video for Tom Tom.