Best New Videos

LA's Daughters of Noise! Get a retrodelic, futuristic video for "2023." It is notoriously difficult to envision the future. By definition, it hasn't happened yet. There's no telling what might happen between now and then (...)
With Halloween on our heels, it would be hard to ignore MXMS’ music video for their recently released track “Death Row.” Here, the duo manages to bridge together their take on industrial music with mainstream pop (...)
We’ve brought to you "What's My Name" by MXMS a couple of times before, but they always say that third times a charm. Sometimes a song is so important that you need to keep playing it for your friends until they start talking about it on their own (,,,)
We Are: The Guard are very proud to represent mxms and all of their very deeply darkly troubled pop music on our label. It’s not often that we come across artists who have this much to say, but especially not in such an (...)
Lola Blanc is here to make sure you don’t become static. Premiering today, her video for her single “Angry Too” is part protest song, part rallying cry. It’s a direct response to the #metoo movement and a needed (...)
Last month, We Are: The Guard premiered Dog Orchestra’s latest single “Pity Party,” a brooding synth-pop track that made self-deprecation sound fun. Now, premiering again on We Are: The Guard is the (...)
Dark pop duo, or more specifically, funeral pop duo MXMS, do not mind diving deep into the innermost feelings of the heart and declaring bold empowerment as they establish themselves as a talent that is far from the norm with their single “Gravedigger.”
I’m not going to be insulting anyone’s intelligence and pretend like I actually know what is going on in Shahmaran, the spellbinding short film from Emmanuel Adjei and Sevdaliza. That hasn’t stopped me from watching it on loop for the past hour.
Half Alive came on to the scene late last year with three very well received tracks. They return this month with what sounds to be the most upbeat and dance worthy track in their repertoire. Still Feel will make you feel human again, if not by the lyrics, then the video will be sure to do the trick.
Low Cut High Tops raised a lot of eyebrows with the filthy, obsessive, emotive video for Red Lipstick. He's likely to arch a few more with Typical, but for different reasons. Some will be confused, others delighted. Most will be rolling on the floor while uncontrollably nodding their heads to the beat.
This is the saddest, most stressful music video since the one for Sarah McLachlan’s Angel. Fortunately for us TOKiMONSTA’s music bangs a lot harder. Underneath the beat of I Wish I Could is the kind of pop hook with crossover appeal that everybody wants a piece of.
Brace yourself for a zany time. Do What You Want, the Presets’ new single, now has an accompanying visual and you’ll probably think someone slipped you a tab of acid or something. Check it out below.