PHARAOH to Russia is like what Future is to America. Or what Drake is to Canada. Or what Ninja of Die Antwoord is to South Africa (not so sure about that one). The can’t miss, redefining a genre with every new track kind of hotness.
Whatever Comes to Mind has that kind of earnest indie-chill bedroom producer vibe that will make fans of artists like Toro Y Moi happy, off listening in headphones in their own bedrooms. MorMor melds all of this into a sexy sensual soulful crooning situation that could, should, and probably will be the next big thing.
Since it's Beychella and half of Los Angeles is currently escaping to the California desert for the time of their lives, we're going to go ahead and dedicate the latest edition of We Are The Guard's Top Chill Music to our readers on the opposite side of the coast!
“I know that everything's gonna be a waste of time,” is a hell of a battle cry to build a pop anthem around, yet Danish star Soleima (Sarah Mariegaard) is up to the challenge, doing just that with surprising ease and inspiring results with Pacify Me.
It's been a hot week on Instagram, especially with the media blitzkrieg that is Coachella last weekend in deep Southern California. We Are The Guard were as elevated and uplifted by Beyonce dropping knowledge and mad style as the first woman-of-color to headline Coachella. We also acknowledge that other things happen.
Hailing out of Brooklyn, New York, SAINt JHN's muted trap beats take his one-of-a-kind flow between soulful crooning, mumble rap and a more traditional rhyme flow. I wouldn’t have any clue how to categorize this sound or who else to loop him in with in the game so I won’t even try.