There are few artists as confident as Kyan Palmer, which is probably why his contribution to our Indie Christmas compilation is so sweet. Palmer clearly isn't afraid to experiment with his pristine vocals, which may explain why he's filling BIG blue suede shoes this winter season.
This is that new sound. That bass-heavy house vibe with pop-rap funkiness that covers every possible quadrant of what makes a good dance music tune. I’ve heard a couple jams like this before but here it’s like an angel from heaven came down to craft the perfect version of it. Hark the herald Merk & Kremont.
Stress levels are getting higher, and tempting as it is to collapse into a blubbering mess of whiskey eggnog and Amazon packages, We Are: The Guard is here to help you make it through what's left of the holiday season with the latest edition of Top Chill Songs.
Life doesn't mean a thing without the perfect playlist. Whoa, didn't mean to get dark on you there but with so many Scrooges around where do you go to find sanity? You come here, to We Are: The Guard’s Weekly Indie Pop column.
Do your playlists need some sparkle? Of course they do! We’re at the smack dab peak of Christmas season and I know you’re one Mariah Carey play away from kicking over that inflatable snowman looking straight out you.
As another Hump Day rises, feel free to join us as we scroll through the following 280-character highlights from Offset, Cardi B, Post Malone, John Legend, Halsey, and five other favorites.
While you finish up the last of your Christmas prep, leave it to us to sort out all of your music needs with the latest edition of We Are The Guard's Top Indie Songs, which this week features tracks from LANKS, Toro y Moi, Oliver Tree, and more!
How well do you the person you’re closest to in this life? How well do you even know yourself? These are the question the existential mind can spend many a sleepless night pondering.