Being in the public eye is hard as hell. Your absolute worst moments can be so easily captured by the paparazzi, your bitter studio engineer, or thousands of cell phone cameras held up by adoring (or hateful) fans.
Few things have changed more in my lifetime than Rap Beefs. What was once a legitimate threat to an artist’s life has now become a venue for some meme goof to come up with a whackass excuse for being a deadbeat dad. Today we go back to the turn of the century to a time when the stakes were a little higher.
I spent the entire week filtering through some amazing productions and it wasn’t easy to dwindle them down to ten songs.
Ahead of the weekend, why not join me in switching off from reality for 30 minutes or so this Friday with the latest edition of We Are The Guard's Best Chill Music, featuring RY X, Zimmer, Lil Peep, A$AP Rocky, Manila Killa, and more!?
Many of the biggest musicians of the past 200 years have sung and played other people's tunes. They've also written for other artists. In praise of the songwriters, and those who bring their creations to singing, dancing life, here are 10 hits that were passed up by other artists.
The polls in America for voting for your next political representative are closed now, but there is still one very important poll open that demands your vote. The answer to everyone’s burning question still needs to be decided … McDonald’s vs Burger King, which one is better?
Durk is Atlanta based now, but he’s clearly got mad love for the place he grew up. It shows unabashedly with this song, accompanying video, and neighborhood hero organization. Now Lil Durk is spreading his success as wide as he possibly can.
King Princess’ latest single Pussy Is God is anything but subtle, including how fantastic it is. Full of bombast and bravado, this song is so catchy it’s likely to win over even those folks the title seems intended to offend.
That extra hour in bed has got me feeling all kinds of energetic this Monday morning, so before I get too distracted by everything “holiday season,” let's turn our attention to the latest edition of We Are The Guard's Best Indie Songs.
Now that Halloween is over and November has arrived, we have to turn our attention to the main event: CHRISTMAS! If the whole idea fills you with dread, however, well, fear not, as We Are The Guard is here to ease you into all of the festivities in soothing style this Friday with the latest edition of Top Chill Music!