LA' s Ella Vos explores the push-and-pull of new love on "State Of Emotion." Modern love is complex, as we so often say here at We Are: The Guard. On one hand, every person is pushed to be completely self-sustaining and (...)
It's the Fourth of July tomorrow, but if you read my indie column, then you'll already know I don't have many plans this year. Assuming, of course, “plans” extends beyond staying home and streaming Hamilton for 24 hours (...)
Toxic relationships are called “toxic” for a reason. They contaminate everyone and everything around you. They pollute how you see yourself and the world. They’re destructive, ruinous, and deeply (...)
Tate McRae, the Great White North’s answer to whatever Billie Eilish is, has no use for idle time. The self-professed workaholic continues to churn out new music. Her latest work is a collaboration with (...)
On “Overkill,” Holly Humberstone finds herself in the most terrifying, but exciting part of a blossoming fling: when it’s time to have the “what are we” talk. After releasing two heart-wrenching singles (...)
It’s not the end of the world, but it sure seems like it might be. That being said these times are incredibly uncertain. Between--well, I don’t need to get into all of that, do I?-- How about we just listen to (...)
The countdown to the Fourth of July is on, but this year, I won't be watching any fireworks or losing myself to any questionably greasy food comas. No, this year, my day will consist entirely of (...)