If there's one thing that we can count on to be there for us during tough times, it's music. As Beca explained over at Best Indie Songs, it's been a pretty rough week for me. Even during life's most inconsolable moments (...)
Falling in love is a strange, complicated rush of emotions. There's the adrenaline euphoria rush of hormones. There's the excitement of deep-diving into your lover's soul... But there's also the quiet intimacy of simple (...)
When was the last time you were complimented and insulted at the same time? For me, it only happens when I see my mother … often ... but that’s a story for my therapist. I ask this because if I wanted to be insulted I’d (...)
Producer Goldroom says that today’s featured song “Yellow Flowers” helped him rediscover that feeling of wonder and possibility in his own music.” Yes Goldroom, you're are on point. I remember eating a wildflower out (...)
Berkeley producer/singer/songwriter's Emmit Fenn’s single "Overflow" is ebullient yet reserved, gushing with emotion yet static and steady. Read our review to find out more! In the tarot deck, the 3 of cups is called (...)
Even when it seems the world is caving in we refuse to let the bad times overshadow the good. But as we go through the not so pretty things music can help us cope. This past week our dear Jess lost a loved one. We (...)
With another April weekend fast approaching, why not join me in getting your playlists spring ready with today's edition of We Are: The Guard's Best Chill Songs, featuring Jessie Reyez, Jai Wolf, Goldroom, Tim Hecker (...)
Sometimes less is more as we hear on "Dirty AF1's," the debut single from the elusive electropop of Alexander 23. In a world where everything's immediately available at the push of a button or the flick of a wrist; where (...)
Don’t go chasing after another cover of TLC’s mega hit single “Waterfalls” because Ten Fé is the only cover that matters. Where many fall short, the five piece band comes out with an unexpected sound. I would never (...)
Our love for Indie Pop music is more real than the bond that holds Justin Beiber and Hailey, it’s stronger than the snatching grip of a Kardashian. We’ve basically sold our social and free time in exchange for music (...)