Indie House

Another day, another remix of MXMS’ stunning track “Gravedigger”. This time the reworking is helmed by the hyperaggressive EDM stylings of Satronica. The Brooklyn-based DJ and producer made a name for himself by (...)
As far as big room EDM goes Jauz might just be our favorite dude in the game. The San Francisco based DJ/producer can play dubstep, trap or big room breaks to tens of thousands at any festival anywhere (...)
How is this for sexy?! Channel Tres invites you to drop your guard and just let the sleek 70s infused soul-funk production of “Raw Power” take over your body. The single comes off as seductive and intimidating as it challenges listeners to (...)
Prospa, a young production duo out of the UK feel like they’re throwing back to a time before they were even born. Harvey Blumler and Gosha Smith came into this world in the mid-nineties, a time when UK rave (...)
It’s 2019, what the hell are people still doing still making requests to DJs outside of weddings? Have you ever been out before? Jeez…. Hmmm… when’s the last time you think The Knocks DJed a wedding by the way? (...)
Underworld announce the end of their ambitious year-long Drift cycle with "Listen To Their No." It's a breath of fresh air. Electronic music mutates faster than nearly any genre out there, apart from maybe Pop Music (...)
This is that new sound. That bass-heavy house vibe with pop-rap funkiness that covers every possible quadrant of what makes a good dance music tune. I’ve heard a couple jams like this before but here it’s like an angel from heaven came down to craft the perfect version of it. Hark the herald Merk & Kremont.
Nottingham's Shelter Point will make you feel things with "Feel." "Feel" is a transcendental disco/house seeped in smooth, soulful vocals. It's warm, cool, detached, insistent. It's a contradictory dance tune that is that much more compelling for its nuance.
Sure I’ve heard about the Metal influence in EDM right now, but that doesn’t take any of the shock out of stumbling on a track like this one. grandson combines more genres than legally allowed by the state and may be the first artist EVER to make screamo inspired lo-fi alt-folk turned Dubstep.
In the thick of the heat of the summer, when the Windy City is likely feeling its most on-edge, we receive a chill breeze from Chicago’s Whethan, taking us back to the disco-calling, hands-in-the-air days of early House music, with the euphoric buzz of Sleepy Eyes.