Azealia Banks & Me: Breaking Up


My love affair with Azealia Banks is over.  Not that you care.  But let me tell you she was a great aural lay…for a while.  But then…the sonic sex got boring.  Thus…it's the job of BitCandy's LA Music Blog to take the point that no one is willing to say.  In this case…

Azealia Banks peaked 12 months ago.  

Witness exhibit "A" an amazing track "212."  Lo fi captivating sexy video, an amazing flow…grade "A+" fah-RESH!!!

Azealia Banks - 212 

Now almost exactly 12 months later…Let me add to the equation…3 managers later…a $1 Million (reportedly) record deal and another $1 Million Dollar Music Publishing deal…Azealia give us this disappointment.

Azealia Banks - 1991

Now I know all you hipsters and gonna say I'm wrong.  And judging by the 95% majority of "Likes" on YouTube…people do like this video.

But I'm here to say.  This is a step backwards for Azealia.  Bottom line…this DOES NOT measure up to the Hype.  

In fact…let's imagine for a second that Azealia actually started out with THIS "1991" video.  Do you think people would care?  I'd say she wouldn't get barely blogged on this track yet alone signed on this.  End of story.   But that's the magic of hype.   

Ever since the "big deals" came along for Azealia and magazine cover photos I've felt this air about her like "I Got Your Money BitCHES!"   

This video is a far cry from someone who innovates and delivers.  Exhbit "B."  Azealia Banks is no Missi Elliot.


Here's the truth.  Azealia has 1 flow.   1 Trick.  There's nothing left in the bag.   If there is any innovation (and that's what we're looking for in our rappers and rock stars)…there's none of that here in this video.   

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My prediction.  A lot of people are going to lose money taking such a huge bet on her.   

Maybe not MAC lipstick though prominently featured throughout the video...which there might be a run on.

Maybe I'm just speaking out my ass.   Send me your hate mail here: 


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