The K-Pop world is a vast and ever growing scene that has reached international crowds. From ITZY’s explosive debut, to BLACKPINK’s electric Coachella set, 2019 was a huge year for K-Pop girl groups. Ready to feel empowered? Take a look at our list of 2019’s best female K-pop songs.



In 2019, BLACKPINK made history as the first K-Pop girl group to perform at Coachella. With 719 million views on Youtube, “Kill This Love” by BLACKPINK has become one of the most iconic songs in the genre. Not only is this group incredibly talented, their production value is unparalleled. With lyrics about a less than great relationship exploding into an English hook, “Kill This Love” has become an international hit.



Nine piece, Twice, has risen to popularity thanks to their upbeat, bubblegum pop tracks. Racking up 256 million views on YouTube and 109 million streams on Spotify, “Fancy” has become their most popular song. It’s wholesome, catchy, and accompanied by a colorful, space themed video.




With this jam about self love, 5 piece ITZY has become one of the most popular K-Pop girl groups. Debuting in 2019, this young group quickly took the world by storm, smashing records and winning awards. Despite being so young (their youngest member being 17), they are currently on their first world tour. On “Dalla Dalla,” the band talks about accepting and appreciating their differences. The song became the second most popular song on YouTube in Korea, and with 172 million views, it’s apparent that their positive message is resonating worldwide. K-Pop fans are very dedicated, and when writing this piece, I came across some fascinating information. If you were wondering anything, (literally anything… zodiac sign, height, blood type….) at all about ITZY, somebody figured it out and posted it all here

Also, kudos to our writers on our sister publishing company via Brill Building - OMEGA and DENM (yes, DENM!) for writing ITZY’s key single “Cherry!”




Formed in 2014, Red Velvet has released a handful of singles, 11 EPs, and 2 full length albums. Their new song, “Psycho” is about being so into someone that you feel- well, psycho. Outlining mixed signals and coming together at the line “You got me feeling like a psycho,” their delicate vocals and R&B sensibilities shine through on this track. Racking up 62 million views on YouTube and 39 million streams on Spotify, “Psycho” has pulled ahead as the most popular song off of their latest release.




Seven piece CLC do not hold back on “No,” earning them a seat at the table amongst the top k-pop girl groups. Hinging on the chorus in which the women refuse lipstick, earrings, high heels, and handbags, “No” is about wearing what you want and not giving in to societal pressure. Formed in 2015, the group has steadily released music and inspired individuality in young girls internationally.




There are lots of ways to tell someone to go away, and EVERGLOW remind us of a few on “Adios” right before an explosive drop.  EVERGLOW was formed in 2019 after many of the members competed in Korean talent competitions on TV. Though they are a newer band, they’ve already made a big impact and are certainly on an upwards path. “Adios” is a k-pop dance hit- it even peaked at number two on the US World Charts. With cool toned visuals, insane production value, impressive choreography, and a TON of attitude, EVERGLOW’s “Adios” music video serves the song well.




Over the years, Mamamoo have been criticized for their outfit choices, and on “Hip,” they address it. Described by Billboard as “a brassy take-down of those who have nasty words for Mamamoo,” the song acts as a strong comeback for the quartet.  Released in November of 2019, “Hip” became the leading single of their new album, Reality in Black.



Not only is “Lion” by (G) I-DLE a jam about being a powerful force, it is one of the few K-Pop songs written and produced by a woman. The group’s own Soyeon is credited with songwriting, producing, and engineering the track- oh, and she has a badass rap verse. “Lion” has been received well, and has even been nominated for a Korean Music Award. With a hook like, “I’m a queen like a lion,” (G) I-DLE inspire young girls across the world.



I know she’s not a group, but she used to be in one! Rising to international fame as a member of iconic k-pop girl group Girls’ Generation, Taeyeon’s solo work is off to a strong start. A delicate, but powerful ballad, “All About You” shows off Taeyeon’s vocal skill. With piano and voice as the only instruments, this song stands out from other popular k-pop songs.

As you can see, the women of K-pop are fierce and inspiring change. From their difficult choreography, pristine pop songwriting, and rigorous touring schedules, these groups are incredibly hard working and making their mark on a male dominated industry. Looking for more K-pop? Check out our list of 2019’s top K-Pop Songs by Boy Groups!

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