3Lau - New Mashup God


We have quite a soft spot for mash ups here at BitCandy. You can always trust us to keep a keen eye on the scene for any upcoming budding mixers, and today weíre simply bursting to tell you about our latest mash up squeeze - Las Vegas's 3Lau.

By day, Justin Blau is a finance student at Washington University in St. Louis, and by night, having substituted the 'B' for a '3,' transforms into 3Lau, the blooming mastermind behind a tonne of pop-based mixes which are currently killing it in mash up scene.

Citing Deadmau5, Wolfgang Gartner, Avicii and Burial as just some of his influences, 3LAU adds his dream is to travel the globe in order to trigger mass-dancing with his quirky mash ups. And seriously, listening to this super-tight material, that goal doesn't seem far off at all.

Have a listen to our 3Lau mixtape below, which includes the tracks 'Girls Who Save the World' and 'All Night Long', both of which have been getting a major amount of loving on the blogosphere of late:

3Lau - New Mashup God by BitCandy

While you're here, also check out this video below of 3Lau discussing the set-up behind these mighty mixes: