Addal gets positively idealistic with the epic club anthem "We Are The Young"!

There's always been a place for euphoric, uplifting anthems in electronic music. There's always going to be a drive for ecstatic 4/4 bangers, laced with enough sugary breakdowns to give you a cavity. There will always be a hunger for tropical beats tailor-made to get down on the white sand Ibiza beaches of your mind.

Uplifting, euphoric EDM serves as a necessary counterpoint to the shadowy, nocturnal existentialism of techno, downbeat, even some trap music. It's like a reminder that, even in the dead of night, the sunrise is always right around the corner.



"We Are The Young" by Italian producer Addal is the rosiest sunshiniest epic house banger you're likely to hear this year. It's all chopping house pianos over bouncing tropical rhythms, underscoring some anthemic lyrics about what it's like being young.

Ultimately, "We Are The Young" is an epic, anthemic, shout-along club pop banger. It's as optimistic as a rose gold sunrise, with its nearly Celtic melody, laced with infectious Spanish trumpets, all building towards an explosive climax!

Being young right now is highly confusing. On one hand, there's a real feeling of possibility, potential, and promise. But there's also the fear that tomorrow will never come, that things will never change or, if they do, it'll be for the worse.

Addal and Henri PFR are here to remind you that doesn't have to be the case. We Are: The Guard are personally grateful for the reminder.   


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