Oh, hell yeah! It’s time to review a brand new indie pop album and I’m extra excited because this is one of the most anticipated releases of the week. You know that song that goes:

“Mouth is made of metal, metal, metal

Pocket full of yellow, yellow

Pocket full of gold

And I hope you find

I hope you find your dream”

Yup, that’s these guys! Sir Sly popped up in L.A’s best new artist scene early last year and THIS is their debut album. You Haunt Me is an album full of pure indie pop joy and although you’ve probably already heard most of the songs on their Soundcloud, it’s still got a few surprises up its sleeve.


This album is familiar to the ears but offers a special kind of solemnness. Perhaps that’s what “#Sly-Fi” means. Indie music is usually a genre full of breakup songs, but these guys do it better. You can just tell, they’ve felt some serious sh*t!

One note before we get started: You’re going to want to get this album, and you’re going to want to get the deluxe version. Definitely!   



Yup, you probably know this track. Well there’s a reason for that! It’s hella good and has over 1 million plays on Soundcloud, among other important things. It’s such a cool track because it’s totally uplifting while remaining completely realistic and true to the world of 2014. Know what I’m saying, bro? If not, don’t worry. Whether you’re listening to the lyrics or not, there’s no way you cannot like this song. That’s the beauty of it! 



Now this is a special video. It was released in the week leading up to this album’s own release AND it features the band performing one of the best tracks on the album. It also happens to be their most honest song. I guess that’s why it’s the title track. Anyway, the people (of YouTube) are loving it and pretty soon the whole world will be too. Talk about a 2014 anthem! 



When Lizzy Plapinger (of MS MR) drops in on this track, it’s pretty mind-blowing! That beat reminds me of something Justin Timberlake did in the early 00’s and it’s a welcomed hint of nostalgia that is quickly replaced with a new-found hope in today’s artists. I bet you people are going to dance the sh*t out of this song. I’m dancing right now. BRB. 

OK, we showed you why, now go out and buy this best new album! Also, listen to Sir Sly’s Arcade Fire cover. It’s the most amazing thing! And depending on when you read this, you may even catch them on tour in the US. Lucky, bugger! P.S don’t you love that little ghost logo? It’s so cute! 

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