“Vibe > Complexity.” 

Sometimes it’s just so simple isn’t it? Vibe is better than complexity. This is a quote jacked directly from Always Never’s twitter from nearly a year ago. Back then this Toronto R&B duo had four dynamite R&B tunes to their name and a pretty established grasp on what that vibe was going to be. Slow mellow beats with hype trap hi-hats and the sultry kind of swooning that makes you wanna well up with tears just as much as it makes you wanna grind on someone in the club. Maybe even both at the same time! No, that’s weird.

With their Call Me Over EP released today, Always Never got that vibe going to a whole other level. If this ain’t the vibiest thing you’ve heard all week then hook a brother up with the link. I love that I can use vibes as an adjective and you know what I’m talking about. I mean you’re listening to these songs now, they’re VIBEY! Always Never have three massive new tunes on their hands (but by massive I mean slow and patient brooding) and I have a feeling they’re about to be your new favorite Canadian R&B superstars. The Weekend when? who?



"Call Me Over" sees the duo rocking’ some vocal androgyny getting everyone of all types in that mood for that late night booty call. Sure there’s some history and hangups in the lyrics but since when does a “U up?” text come without complications. Those trap hi-hats are on full display here giving this slow sultry banging music some club ready intensity. This song is destined to soundtrack late night booty calls for the rest of the summer, fall, winter, you name it. Zane Lowe premiered this track on Beats 1 earlier this week breaking the record for most post 3AM texts in a single night that you probably shouldn’t have sent in the first place.



This one is my favorite jam on the EP. There is something about "Wylin’" that’s destined to be chopped and screwed and sampled into every broken hearted remix for the next year and a half. If there’s not a Drake feature on this track this time next week I’ll eat my hat. Sensitive boys who care for girls out on a tear. If that’s not something this generation can relate to, I don’t know what is.



soundcloud Rounding out the trio of songs is another R&B ear-worm hook that’s going to be stuck in your head all weekend long. "All You Need" has just as much potential as the other two to be an absolutely huge hit. Can they play music this sexy on the radio? “You don’t need to call, just come through” is going to be the catchphrase of every relationship taking that next step. For those of you who think you’re falling in love with that special someone? Play this for your boo and make them really feel like they’re All You Need. Feels.

Don’t worry, this is just a tease. The full album is on its way with a launch date of TBA. I’m guessing they’re trying to let these three tracks do some talking for them. Well we’re listening! And ready for more!

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